Boxing Workouts for Beginners: 5 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

boxing workouts for beginners

For boxing workouts, a punching bag is an essential training item, especially for beginners, it is very beneficial equipment. However, some mistakes can also have various effects during initial training or practice.

Punching bag workout is the most effective training method. When you can’t find a target master, the best punching bag can effectively help you to optimize the beat rhythm. It is improving your blowing strength, and at the same time, strengthening the fluency of combined punches.

But! punching bags workout is not as simple as it seems.

Let’s suppose, if some common mistakes that we didn’t rectify in time. In that case, it may not only significantly affect your combat effectiveness. but may also directly lead to some injuries.

5 Common Mistakes That Beginners Make In Their Boxing Workouts

For this reason to avoid any dire situations, especially those that could have long-term effects. Famous boxing coaches summed up five common mistakes they often see beginners make: –

The Hit Did Not Fall on The Peak

Whether it is punching bag, target shooting or actual combat, always remember to use the peak (especially the peak of the middle finger) as the landing point. This can avoid injuries to the wrist or fingers while ensuring the lethality of the fist.

The Uppercut Is Too Deep

Beginners often hit too deep when they hit an uppercut, especially in the combination of front and back straight punches followed by front hand uppercuts. In actual combat, the ideal target is always the opponent’s jaw.

Therefore, when you aim your front fist at punching bag, and your uppercut falls to the side of the bag, this practice losing its practical value.

Hit Too Close

Although it is comfortable to hit punching bags within reach, it is also of no practical value.

The proper distance can ensure that every punch you hit has the maximum power it should have.

Always use a middle distance for the striking of punching bags; otherwise your fists may lose penetration.

Not Stimulating Like Actual Combat or Competition

Most beginner players during boxing workouts always focusing on their punching practice, but! in a real fight they often get disappointed. One of the main reason or the mistake is not maintaing appropriate distance.

The opponent can already hit you when you enter the contact distance. In reality, no one will comfortably put you into contact distance, like when hitting a punching bag, put yourself in a good position, and then start hitting.

While hitting the punching bag, you should try to simulate like your performing in an actual combat. Just start from a long distance, using footwork to close the distance, and then punching.

Most people excel their punching strength by practicing with punching bags, but in a real fight, they often get disappointed. In my opinion, the reason is a lack of real fight feelings. For this purpose, if you add in your training workouts a real opponent or at least a punching dummy like BOB Punching Mannequin, it will give you immense results in your real fight.

Drop Hands

This situation is dire when a beginner practices a front and back straight fist and front hand uppercut. This is the most common mistake which make by almost every beginner.

All the punching bags can’t fight back, but when the opposite person is a person with sound limbs, the moment you drop your hand, the other person’s fist may have been tucked into your chin.


So, this was all about the common mistakes that most of the beginners makes in boxing workouts. These are not the limited mistakes while practicing with a punching bag as a beginners but also many other which leading towards more serious injuries.

Like other sports boxing injuries are mostly happen due to the lack of proper knowledge and practice. So, as a beginner, if you did not consider its early rectification, it is apparent that it will cause you a lot of trouble in the future.

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