Benefits of Punching Bags 💖: You Must Know Right Now

benefits of punching bags

The punching bag is not a training tool in modern combat sports, but it has a long and prominent place in all recorded history. It is the most beneficial training tool for basic martial arts and military training. However, the benefits of punching bags are still countless.

Over time, its necessity and benefits became preparations for other combat sports. At present, with the rise of modern sports and its sub-disciplines only has changed its traditional style into different innovative shapes.

These shapes of punching bags are not only great for learning boxing, kickboxing, karate, martial arts, or other combat sports, but they also offer many more benefits.

For example, one of my favorite types of punching bag is freestanding. which I have been using regularly for one year. This bag helped me alot to out from my comfort zone and provide me an ease of excess towards my passion.

As I a am passionate about fitness and combat sports, I will discuss some essential points about the benefits of punching bags. If you are interested, these information will give you ease of access too with a positive change in your precious life.

Benefits of Punching Bags

In addition to boxing and combat sports, punching bags are also very useful tools for other fitness workouts. It is a suitable equipment for dieting at home, weight loss, stress management, strength building and mental harnessing workouts.

For instance following benefits of punching bags remained very helpful to me: –

Punching Bags Are Beneficial for Dieting

It is said that aerobic exercises are effective for dieting. But these excercises are quite demanding in respect of time, space and place.

On the other hand a single punching bag workout can give you more than such workouts. Now a days in cardio or aerobic practices punching bag is considered a pillar workout equipement especially in fitness boxing.

So, if you are unable to manage your specific workouts and worriying about your diet control. A punching bag may be an instant excess towards your dieting goals because it is an effective workout equipment for maintaining diet.

A Great Alternative for Cardio & Aerobic Workouts

Aerobic exercise burns fat and sugar and turns them into energy. If you don’t do cardio and your calorie intake exceeds your calorie expenditure. Excess fat will store in your body. You’ll fall into what’s called “obesity.” But if you can’t keep exercising, what alternative solutions might you be wondering?

In my opinion, I faced and became an energetic body just using some punching bag exercises. Now, every type of cardio has its pros and cons, but as an alternative, I’ve found punch bags to be the best option.

For example, by running, your body may be reduced to a certain extent, but on the other hand, you may go into excuse mode. Because just running is boring, soon you may stop running. The main problem you may face here will be that your motivation won’t go up.

If you’re thinking about swimming and biking, but there are no amenities nearby, you might get bored and so on similar workouts. But if you put down a punch bag and do your daily tasks at least 100 punches a day. There is a 99% chance that you will complete your daily tasks on a regular basis with no excuses and never get bored.

Humans are creatures who make excuses while thinking. If you think you will, act now. Just like 3 years ago, I bought a standalone boxing bag and started my fitness journey.

I’ve become my favorite fighter, punching the bag, eating and drinking without worrying because I am doing a good fit boxing workout to burn extra calories. If it’s a good cardio workout and works for your diet, there’s no reason not to use it.

You can feel the effect of putting your cardio into the punching bag instead of running. Whether it’s free standing or hanging, but especially if you’re concerned about burning fat or losing weight quickly, the standing punching bag workout is a great resource.

Punching Bags Workouts Are Best for A Good Health and Relieving Stress

Combined with the benefits of punching bag training, emphasizing divergence and building a strong body without getting sick is the need of the day and our society.

Today is an extremely tense society. The pressure is on commuting to and from work on a crowded train—stress in the office or home. Even if I try to travel and take a break, I will feel pressure from traffic jams. The world is full of pressure.

The adverse effects of stress on the body are huge. It is said to lead to mental illness, such as obesity and depression caused by excessive drinking and eating due to stress, myocardial infarction, and stroke. Actually, stress increases blood pressure, leading to myocardial infarction and stroke.

Therefore, there must be time to release stress and relax through moderate exercise.

For this purpose, in my personal opinion punching bags are a great source to release pressure either it is in home, apartment or in your office.

Use all your power to defeat the punching bag! Keep hitting the ball until you breathe, rest when tired, and then hit the ball again! You only need to repeat a few times to get a good exercise effect. It can relieve stress and its workout is also beneficial for a diet.

You can minimize the risk of lifestyle-related diseases (diabetes and obesity).

In the final analysis, moderate exercise is essential, not just exercise in a punching bag, to build a healthy body that is not easy to get sick.

In addition, I think everyone has their way of relaxing, but as far as I am concerned,

Exercise more!

Sleep more!

By doing this, I can relax and release the pressure.

It is important to change your mood; you need to relax to build a healthy body.

Try running and exercising moderately with punching bags at least twice a week (20 minutes or more per exercise is best) so that you are not at the mercy of health-threatening diseases. If only you could develop the habit of exercising!

It Secretes Happiness Hormones and Stabilizes the Spirit

The next benefit of combining punching bag training is that it can improve work efficiency by stabilizing the mind and enhancing physical strength. Aerobic exercise, such as punching and running, secretes the happiness hormones serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine.

These three happiness hormones are called the three major neurotransmitters, each performing its duties.

  • Serotonin

Serotonin is a hormone that can improve mood and stabilize the mind. The secretion volume decreases due to stress; training can promote it, such as a punching bag. It is also an important hormone in melatonin production, which is a hormone that induces good sleep.

  • Dopamine

It is a happy hormone that makes you feel refreshed after exercise. Dopamine secretion is an important hormone that helps to improve motivation and concentration.

  • Norepinephrine

Norepinephrine is also an important hormone that improves concentration and thinking ability.

Performing a rhythmic aerobic exercise such as punching a bag and running can promote these three happiness hormones. In other words, aerobic exercise is essential for mental stability.

If you continue to feel discomfort, difficulty sleeping, or concentrating; it may be due to insufficient secretion of these pleasure hormones. Try to exercise moderately with punching bags plus running.

I chose punching bags, but running can also promote the secretion of happiness hormones. However, the combination of both fitness activities is excellent enough, which can balance your motivational inclination towards your health and physic.

Punching Bags Facilitate Your Training at Home Without Going to The Gym

The last advantage of using punching bags at home is that it is convenient, time saver, and in less cost to train anywhere.

Not to mention the convenience, if you have a punching bag near you, you won’t find a reason to skip, and you are training every day.

Another advantage of having a punching bag at home is that you don’t have to go to the gym, saving you time and money.

Suppose you go to a gym that costs hundreds of dollars a month just to hit a punching bag.

The BOB punching dummy I bought was remain great for me for one year till now and still looks great and ready for hard beating.

It also saves my time. If you have punching bags at home, you can start training immediately without going to the fitness club.

However, for those who want to learn the basics of boxing and want to train. They should first learn the combination of boxing and kickboxing, and then buy punching bags for training yourself. I think this is also a smart way.

But now, on video streaming platforms, active fighters will seriously teach you how to punch and hit the punching bag correctly so that you can learn from there as well.

You can also use punching bags to train your latissimus dorsi, or you can use kicks to train your legs. If you want a body that is not easy to gain weight and a sharp body, you should combine punching bag training with some footwark drills.


The benefits of punching bags are numerous, and if it is a punching dummy, it can be more beneficial for giving a natural feel. However, if you are interested to be healthy and have some positive intentions towards your health. You must start or continue your exercises.

Whether it is complex aerobics or simple running and punching bags workouts, each fitness initiative has a positive effect on your health. In fact, simple shadow boxing training is much better than procrastinating in bed. 

I hope so you will find this article helpful, stay healthy and fit; cheers!

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