7 Best Boxing Dummy for Combat Sports and Fitness Training

Best boxing dummy

Punching bags play an important role in fighting sports. But, using a best punching dummy will be a good choice for those who like to practice with a partner or coach and for some reason cannot acheive it. A punching dummy can give you some real feelings and can bear your blows without excuses.

Punching dummies are body bags for boxing, like, standing mannequin models of the century, some have torso types, and some have complete dummy bodies. These bags are being used for various sports such as boxing, jiu-jitsu, judo-karate, MMA, Muay Thai, taekwondo, Krav Maga, etc.

Athletes can use these bags to improve their hitting tactics and feel the real opponent. You can enhance your performance by practicing different techniques such as angle hitting, fighting, throwing and submission etc.

If you have interest to enjoy the feeling of partner training with dummy bags. Then I had studied and tested some of the best types of boxing dummies. These can be use as an alternative solutions to partner training. Also, these can be more beneficial for you than ordinary punching bags.

Top 3 Recommended Punching Dummies

Best Overall

Body bag - Century BOB XL Dummy

Best Value

Body bag-Century VS.2 Versys Grappling Simulator Punching Bag

Editor Choice

Body bag - RDX Punching Grappling Dummy Torso

Best Boxing Dummy – Buying Guide

Most people are always in a hurry or lack of time in their busy lives, so even if it’s just shopping, they often face consequences. But at Finessumpire.com, we will provide you with the best guidance from our experience. If you want to buy a fist dummy today, at least you should be confident in your choice. For this reason, below I have detailed some important features and points, they will definitely help as a guide for buying the best punch dummy.

Prioritize your purpose

Since combat sports is a compound name for various types of fighting sports, on the contrary, each sport requires many different types of specific tools. Therefore, you must be familiar with your type of exercise and its tool usage. If you are a professional, that’s okay, but for novices, this is worth noting.

Type of punching Dummies

Each boxing dummy has its own characteristics, suitable for professional athletes, adults, teenagers and children, according to the nature of their training or practice requirements. The way the bag is used depends on consideration of various factors, purpose and level. Therefore, always make sure to choose the right package according to your professional level and age.

Material and Quality

In today’s world, the use of man-made materials is on the rise, and due to the huge demand, it is impossible to rule out the shortage of real materials. While products made of these materials provide benefits, they also have some disadvantages to users and the environment. Therefore, by selecting any dummy, be sure to check and read its constituent resources. From a health point of view, it should be made of environmentally friendly and user-friendly materials.

Size and Weight

Make sure that the bag you choose has sufficient height and width according to your needs. The fitness companies makes each bag for users of a specific or multiple size. Also make sure that the total weight of the entire product and filling material is suitable for your training or exercise.

Easy Assembly and Installation

If the type of bag assembly is troublesome and needs to be installed correctly, this step is very difficult for non-technical personnel. In most cases, only traditional heavy-duty hanging bags require correct installation and strong material types. By the way, punching dummies we choose here does not require special requirements. However, if you understand the product assembly line and its requirements in advance, it is useful to consider this aspect.

Should be Convenient

You know your enthusiasm, requirements and where you want to practice with your dummy. The package you choose should meet all these requirements. It should be easy to transport, store and convenient for indoor, outdoor use or in your specific location.

Good Structure and Beautiful Design

The structure and design features of the dummy are useful for longevity and attractiveness. A well-structured bag can serve you well without causing any damage to your muscles and structure, because it can withstand your impact. The design of the bag should be exquisite to make you more attractive and feel when exercising. In addition, according to your gym environment, the dummy should also match the sports field you place in order to gain the appreciation of others. Through this behavior, you can gain extra motivation to improve your level.

Strong and Durable

The question may arise in your mind that “how someone can know about the durability of a punching dummy?”. Yes, it is difficult but not impossible, because the product is made of some kind of materials and some how possessing the same characteristics. Therefore, try to know about the materials used in the dummy and their characteristics that how it can survive and how much it can be strong. Moreover, on the other hand you can check reviews about the product already used by other people to know deeply about the durability and strength of the bag.

The value of Body Dummy

After checking all the above features, comparing the prices of the products will help you save some money. Although some dummy bags are expensive, they are sturdy and durable and provide functions beyond people’s expectations. But some are just good-looking and cause waste. Therefore, be familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of the product and compare the prices of other packages to avoid wasting money.

Honestly the above mentioned factors always remained very helpful for me during categorizing a best punching dummy with a worst one. This method always landed me on an interactive punching dummy that can always fulfil all the needs which are the priorities of a boxer.

So, if you want to quickly get a nice dummy without the hassle of reviewing the above methods following is detail analysis of some best types of punching dummies for your assistance and quick selection.

7 Best Punching Dummies/ Body Bags [Review]

In the following post, I researched and selected some of the best punching dummy brands and gave an in-depth review of each package. All the dummies are of the best quality and are slightly different in terms of specifications and types of use.

1. Century BOB Punching Dummy – Punch Man Boxing Dummy

Century BOB punching dummy is designed by the famous American Century USA company, combined with high-performance materials for adult boxing. After filling the base with sand or water to maintain a good upright position, it weighs about 270 pounds. The basic style is rounded corners, and the inner cavity is filled with high-density polyurethane foam covered with synthetic rubber plastic.

The hitting surface uses high-strength plastisol, which has a good rebound effect and provides a real opponent feeling in boxing and strength training. You can use your knees, kick or hit what you want without worrying that the plastic will hurt your bones.

It is an amazing body punch bag, used by martial artists of many levels. Basically, it works the same way as any other heavy hanging or freestanding bag. But its design makes it very good at combat and target acquisition training. If you want to practice and improve the accuracy of shots in a specific area, it is the best punching dummy to feel the real presence of your opponent.

The obvious advantage of body opponent bag is that it has seven adjustable height settings from 60 inches to 78 inches. This makes it ideal for everyone, because if you use it for multiplayer training purposes, you can easily change its height as needed. This quality makes it a game changer, offering optional adjustable height, accuracy, real attack angle and possibilities that traditional standing punching bags don’t.

Highly recommend it to you. Because of its unique design, it takes up less space and is easy to move and adjust. For apartments and small places, it is more practical than other heavy duty punching bags in terms of structural composition and low noise.

Apart from structurel design bob punching dummy has a good cleeanable surface material. Even with ordinary detergents, it can be easily cleaned and renewed. The materials used in this product are reliable and weather resistant. For example, if you practice in an open place and put it outdoors in rainy or bad weather, you don’t have to worry, because it can survive well.


  • It has a nicely crafted shape and good for anatomical striking practice.
  • Its smooth hitting surface will provide you good fist feel.
  • You can practice on it with gloves or without gloves.
  • Very suitable for angle striking in Martial Arts, boxing and kickboxing.
  • It has Environmentally friendly and durable materials.
  • It has a good feature of height adjustment useful for different height of people.
  • The Mannequin has a balanced structure and weight for transportation and outdoor usage.


  • For filling material, the whole provided in the base is small.
  • When filled with water the base slides on smooth surfaces during use.

Obviously, there are many types of fitness bags, and we have reviewed some high-quality boxing bags in the previous post. However, BOB is a sturdy punching dummy that can play a convenient partner role for you. It is equally beneficial for beginners and adult professionals.

For me the durability of this BOB mannequin is unquestionable and for you it will also be valuable. This bag is worth the price and for this Century also offers a one-year warranty. One more thing, if you prefer a large mannequin, I also have a review about the BOB XL dummy below for your easy selection.

2. Century BOB XL Dummy [Best fighting dummy]

I also buy a BOB XL dummy and put it in my home gym, have been using it for about 6 months, no complaints. I love the structures of Century boxing dummy. It is made with high quality materials and has been tested repeatedly by personal experience for a long time.

BOB XL dummy is heavier and more stable, it’s more convenient for me to work with my settings. The additional and extended area is useful for lower kicks. Professionals will tell you that it is more efficient to work with a regular punching bag. However, my muscle memory works to target specific areas of the body. Psychologically mannequin is more interesting to work with than with an ordinary punching bag.

The parameters include adjustable height 150 – 200 cm and does not oscillate in extreme positions. The weight with sand (like mine) is about 220 kg. (I added with a little sand, the rest was filled with water). For more sturdiness and anti-slip, I advise to put the mannequin on some kind of blanket or rubber mate.

I experienced to work with and without gloves. Its hitting surface is not hurting the fists but exercising with gloves is recommend. I also didn’t notice the hard parts, the padding is uniform throughout, the lining is of high quality. It even reminds a little of real leather. In short, the feel of punching and striking is amazing with this BOB dummy.


  • Extra-large bag with added torso useful for lower kicks
  • Great for heavy workouts
  • Quality materials
  • Smooth and stretchy surface
  • cleanable with a rag or an ordinary detergent


  • The hitting surface is soft than BOB normal
  • The filling base whole is narrow

The cost of this punching dummy is okay if compared with other boxing bag. Especially If you are a professional fighter, then such a unit will not hurt amateurs much more. It is great to takes heavy strikes well and does not give up. I founded it and you can also find a natural reaction to your blow, like a real person.

3. MACS Filled Grappling Dummy [Interactive Punching Dummy]

I am a combat sports lover keeping an average routine for my fitness but not a super pro having a heavy strength like Ali or Tyson etc. However, I can share my experience about this grappling dummy and where it can be helpful in your practice. If you are a pro sports person or beginner it is equally a great choice for both including kids.

This ready to use grappling dummy is made as a solution to a real partner training. This dummy bag is useful in MMA submission, wrestling or tackling BJJ trainings. It is also a good on ground practicing tool for punching, boxing and kickboxing.

The size and structure of this life like dummy is designed very perfectly considering all skills levels. The bag has total 25lbs weight with an ideal height of 30” and 10” diameter best for skill improvements and carriable for indoor/ outdoor workouts.

This bag is made of ripstop vinyl a material with superior anti tear resistance and consisting great quality of durability. For longevity the vinyl is coated with polyester making it versatile which is only use in high quality of applications. The vinyl is stitched with strong 6 ply thread using triple lock stitching technology. Especially, the pressure areas are stitched with 3 rows to provide anti tear resistance to the dummy during heavy workouts. So, having such features the quality and life of this product is unquestionable and most of my gym colleagues are quite satisfied with this.

The nice thing about this bag is its four heavy duty handles armored on both sides top and bottom. The handles are enough strong and strongly stitched that are very helpful in handling and grappling. The overall dummy is a perfect bag during ground and pound for uppercuts, punches, throwing jabs, hooks and knee strikes etc.


  • A multipurpose bag for multiple training moves
  • Build with top quality tear-resistant materials
  • Stitched with amplified strengthened handles
  • Comfortable weight and height
  • Convenient for indoor and outdoor practice
  • Astonishing design with perfect structure
  • Durable dummy in affordable price


  • Can’t serve you as a hanging or standing training dummy.

So, If you prefer a life size dummy bag then it will be perfect. It can enhance your training level in take downs, throws, submissions and various angel strikes. It can strengthen your stamina for your training sessions with your partner trainer. Moreover, to my best experience the quality of this dummy bag is undoubted and the price is highly affordable.

4. Jayefo Beast 58 BJJ punching dummy with arms for Grappling, Submission Practice

I was surprised when practicing with this human punching bag in the gym. Its shape is perfect and the outstretched arm can accurately improve your grappling skills. Its structure includes the ability to serve you like an opponent during practice. It can enhance your angle punching, throwing and boxing skills. It is widely used in Jiu Jitsu, MMA submission and judo karate training.

This lifelike product is perfectly made of fabrics. Separately stitched hands, movable arms and legs are the beauty of this full-size dummy for practice. The product is unfilled and can be filled with old clothes and smaller textile fragments, but for a perfect look, it is recommended to use Poly filler or cotton.

The use of high-quality materials and hand-stitched stitches on the main parts are the secret of its longevity. You can use this dummy to practice the first 58 moves of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu because its stitches are unbreakable. In addition, it can also be used for wrestling practice and various other tactical enhancements, lying flat or sitting. This unbreakable punch dummy weighs 2.5 pounds. It can be filled and recommended 40-120 pounds, and is available in three colors and multiple sizes.


  • A beautifully designed full-size dummy
  • Perfectly stitched moveable arms and legs
  • Able to provide a feel of real human body as your opponent


  • You will receive it unfilled
  • Filling required separate material to buy or stuffing with used cloths etc.
  • Its not made of real leather.

A best body punching bag or dummy is as important as a good boxing or taekwondo bag for combat practice. The visual difference is only its shape and structure, but in fact, each has a different purpose. If you are a professional wrestler or recently joined Jiu-Jitsu or Judo Karate and want to improve your ground and batting skills, then adding this dummy to your arsenal will be the best choice. It has undisputed durable materials and provides the best value at a low price.

5. Combat Sports Grappling & Punching Dummy for Adults

Dummy bags come in many types and shapes, but if you are inclined to military grads, then this Combat Sports Fitness Dummy is the best one we have chosen. This full-body dummy has a variety of weights to choose from. It is mainly designed for MMA, wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu practice and is very suitable for knocking down, throwing, submission and hitting. In your training courses, it can serve you like your ultimate training partner.

The Combat sports dummy has different weights to choose from, but I can talk about this special product that weighs 120 pounds. With a height of 5 feet 10 inches, this grappling dummy is suitable for professionals and unisex adults. MMA and Jiu-Jitsu require strong power and precise strikes, so its specifications and quality are very reliable.

This dummy body is made of high-quality and easy-to-clean military-grade vinyl. Industries uses this type of vinyl in making of cover for equipment to prevent in harsh conditions. Therefore, the combination of high-quality materials and superior sutures makes this dummy a durable sparring partner.

It is designed for outstanding performances, such as throwing and ground hits, which can develop your muscle memory or satisfy your training purpose in Jiu-Jitsu. In addition, it helps in various multi-purpose exercises of martial arts, such as ground boxing, kicking, elbow and knee.


  • An amazing MMA and Jiu Jitsu practicing tool
  • Qualitative and easy to clean material
  • Durable and perfectly designed fitness partner
  • Available in multi sizes and weights


  • Not suitable for kids

If you like to do solo training with your regular training partner, this dummy is perfect for such job. Through continuous training with this thrifty partner, you can vent during the development of fitness exercises or tactical combat. This dummy has a variety of heights and weights, so choose the appropriate size according to your weight before considering it.

6. Century VS.2 Versys Grappling Simulator [Free Standing Boxing Dummy]

In my best experience with combat sports, no single tool or punching bag can meet all of the user’s training requirements. Especially in martial arts, judo, karate, BJJ and similar professional sports. So far, our topic here is the drill dummy, some of which we talked about earlier still lack features to properly meet user needs. But, in our list, once again, Century leads the way with its tremendous innovation by introducing the very first standing grapple simulator. This simulator is until now a solid solution for the training of martial artists and other similar sports beginners or advanced, in order to improve your upper or lower body takedown what you could imagine.

This bag is made of tear-resistant synthetic leather. You will receive it as pre-assembled and filled. The top punching body is filled with high-quality round foam, and the legs are pre-filled with sand. Therefore, the pre-filling function is cool and can avoid the trouble of filling like other bags. The dummy is 60 inches long, 26 inches wide, and weighs about 120 pounds. You only need to use the provided zipper to connect the sandbag and its legs. In addition, the structure is user-friendly, and there are no other costs or concerns, such as some important management for hanging or independent bags.

If you want to understand the quality, it is very durable and can serve you longer. The use of high-quality materials in this dummy punching bag provides high durability and great performance for real training. Its versatility allows it to be used as a stand-alone bag, and it can also perform ground movements more effectively.

The main feature of this dummy is to facilitate martial arts and MMA coaches or professionals to follow Judo Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, BJJ and other games. The primary feature of this dummy bag is that it is very suitable for combined knockdown and leg locking and lower kick training. In addition, you can use it to enhance your open defensive attack and sweep against your opponents. Similarly, it is also very useful for drilling in other games. For example, if you like to practice judo throws like Ogoshi and Seio Nage, you can hone your skills and increase your strength.


  • Relatively light
  • Quality and durable material
  • Great and unique design with extended arms
  • Can serve you like a standing dummy
  • Great for grappling and leg locking, lower kicks and similar moves
  • Good for Judo Karate, BJJ and Martial Arts


  • Not for teenagers
  • It’s not a full free-standing dummy

If you are a martial arts enthusiast and need a real opponent to improve grappling and throwing skills, then this century VS.2 boxing dummy is undoubtedly waiting for your consideration. In addition, if you like to shine in other similar fighting sports, then this bag will also have a good performance on your journey. According to my research, this is a unique design on the market. Brands such as Century, Fitven, Everlast etc have also launched a variety of vertical bags, but because of the large base, they can’t be thrown away or used as complete grappling dummies.

7. RDX Punching Grappling Dummy Torso [Dummy Punching Bag]

This torso dummy bag is specially designed for target acquisition and sparring skills in your training. Its structure is also valuable for equipping and practicing unique movements, such as grips in MMA, Muay Thai and Taekwondo, specific body boxing and kicking techniques. If you are a professional who wants to excel in heavy hits, throws and angel shots, then this grappling dummy has all these qualities otherwise you can use a best punching bag with stand for your convenience.

This 3-foot-tall bag weighs about 60 pounds and comes with a pair of high-quality free gloves. This bag is made of Maya Hide leather and is designed to fit the anatomical size. It is sewn with a tear-resistant nylon lining to double its durability. The powerfully sewn high-quality nylon mesh belt is easy to connect with a steel chain.

The provided anti-rust stainless steel chain consists of an easy-to-rotate swivel and 4 S-shaped hook connectors. The overall material quality makes it a heavy punching bag for boxing, can easily withstand heavy tactical blows, and is also a powerful grab dummy. It allows you to punch like a heavy professional player, and you can also practice attacks from various angles.

I rank this bag as the best bag because of its versatility and low profile. But its main feature is its torso shape and the ability to help professionals complete upper body grappling and target attacks. Moreover, it is very convenient for indoor and outdoor use, and it has the characteristic of serving you longer.


  • It has a very smart and good-looking design
  • The material of the bag is qualitative.
  • Its torso dummy is based on anatomical dimensions.
  • It can be used as a heavy hanging bag as well as a grappling, ground & pound and submission dummy.
  • It is very convenient to be used in gyms, indoor and outdoor places.


  • This is a heavy bag, only suitable for advanced athletes.
  • Appropriate hanging arrangements are required to prepare for practice.

In short, if you desire to improve target attack skills, but you need a bag and a torso dummy in one package. The thing, that really help you in your professionalism, which should be convenient and durable, as well as beautiful in appearance. Then I will recommend considering this dummy bag. Its quality is first-rate, the price is low, and it has great characteristics suitable for all kinds of exercises and excelling your special moves.


If you have read the above review you may notice that each punching dummy is consisting some best interective qualities that can enhance your boxing experience. But, if still have some doubts and unable to select one for your type of workout don’t worry. Chose any of the following best punching dummy that suits you the most according to its type.

  1. Bob Dummy. BOB punching bag is an interective boxing dummy for adults to sharpen their targeted kicks and punches as well as it is also helpful for common people to relieve their stress and anexiety due to its real man shape.
  2. Century VS.2 Versys Grappling Simulator. It is a best punching dummy with arms that can polish your striking skills in boxing. However, if you are a player of Martial Arts, MMA, Judo or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu this dummy punching bag can suit you as a best resource for your practice.
  3. RDX Punching Grappling Dummy Torso. As a boxer with having years of practice I am liking to practice with such type of dummies. Although it is not a free standing boxing dummy but if you are a professional even beginner boxer this bag can surve you for improving your grappling and sparring techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional perforated punch dummies are mostly made of different woods, but with the advent of synthetic leather and modern technology, most of them are made of similar materials that are soft and durable. Most bags made of man-made materials are durable and can withstand and absorb heavy pressure.

Basically, there are many types of boxing dummies, each with its own purpose. However, to explain it simply in a few words, this kind of bag is a fighting dummy for professionals and fighters of other levels to use their fighting skills, especially with anatomical target practice.

Fighting sports is a huge name, including various types of sports. Similarly, each sports skill has different tool requirements. Therefore, if you consider the dummy bag as a whole substitute for your exercise, it is definitely not, but some good styles and designs almost contain many attributes of multiple bags, which are more helpful in actual combat.

The punch model is designed for professional boxing players to improve their skills, but it is also very useful for other levels and fitness sports enthusiasts. With various unique dummies, people can always feel the presence of real training partners. By practicing such bag exercises, you can increase your endurance and strength levels. In addition, it is especially a very useful tool for burning fate, strengthening muscles, relieving stress and improving other physical and mental health.

Well, it depends on the material used in that particular type of bag and what it is made of. Based on my experience and market research, the dummy bags we selected in the list are the best and durable punching dummies. However, the way you use the bag and the area where you use the bag is also an important factor, including weather conditions etc.

The price of a punch dummy or mannequin bag is entirely dependent on its material, function and durability. Regular punch dummies start at $120. However, the punching dummies I reviewed in this post are much better than cheap and used punching dummies, which are not only affordable but also long lasting.

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