Double-Ended Bag Workout Drills: Quickly Improve Your Boxing Skills

double end bag workout drills

The double end bag workout drills are a versatile and effective training method for boxers and martial artists. It’s exercises enable a combat player to react quickly and hit the target with speed.

So, improve your combat skills by incorporating double ended bag workout drills into your existing training routine or as a beginner fitness lover.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best double-ended bag workouts to help you improve your boxing skills and fitness.

Useful Practices of Double-End Bag Workout Drills

Double-ended drills are exercises that require the use of both ends of a tool or piece of equipment, such as a quality double-ended punching bag or a double-ended speed ball. These workouts have many benefits and can help improve overall fitness, skills, and stamina.

One of the most useful things about double-ended exercises is that they enhance coordination and balance. These drills require athletes to maintain control of equipment while performing a series of movements, which help develop hand-eye coordination, footwork and body balance.

Another useful practice of double-ended exercises is that they can help improve speed and reaction time. These drills require athletes to perform quick, explosive movements, which help increase their reaction time and speed. This is especially beneficial for athletes in sports that require quick reflexes, such as boxing, MMA or tennis.

By incorporating double-ended exercises into their training regimen, athletes can improve their skills, fitness and overall performance.

Double-End Bag Shadow Boxing

Shadow Boxing is a staple of boxing training, but including a double-end bag wokout drills into your shadow Boxing training can take your workout to the next level.

Start by hitting the bag with straight punches, uppercuts, and hooks, then try incorporating footwork and head movement into your routine.

Speed and Precision Training

For this drill, the focus is on hitting the bag as quickly and accurately as possible. Start with a quick jab to the bag, then do combos.

The goal is to hit as many bags as possible within the allotted time.

Footwork Drills Improvement

Dual-ended bags are a great tool for improving your footwork. Do a few punches to the bag, then quickly move to the side, another few punches to the bag, and then back to the middle.

Repeat this pattern, switching sides to practice your speed and agility.

Power Punching Drill

Double-ended bags are also a great tool for building the strong power to punch. Focus on hitting the bag with strong, powerful fists, using your glutes and legs to generate maximum power.

Start with a few powerful punches, then rest, then repeat.

Defense Drill

Finally, the double-ended bag is a great tool for improving defense. First hit the bag with a few punches, then move to one side and block and deflect the bag’s movement with the other hand.

Repeat this pattern to exercise your defense and hand-eye coordination.


The Double End bag workout drills awaits incorporation into your daily training to bring the essence of speed and agility into your combat skills. Whether you are a boxing lover, a martial artist, or a fitness enthusiast, the double end bag benefits you by keeping you sharp in the game. So, put on your gloves and let’s get started!

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