5 Best Free standing Heavy Bag of 2023 [Reviews]

Best freestanding heavy bag

You don’t need to worry about setting up and hanging a heavy bag to compromise your safety. Because, now you can easily perform your heavy workouts with heavy standing bag.

With the introduction of such alternative tools for boxing and other fighting sports, most of the needs have been resolved to a certain extent. Therefore, if you are looking for a more powerful solution to replace your heavy hanging bags. It may be some best free standing heavy bags type that can meet your needs.

The standalone heavy bag has some advantages, such as convenience, ease of use even in small apartments or homes, and minimal requirements. Initially, you only need to assemble it and fill the bottom with filling material, such as sand or water.

With the introduction of suction cups technology, even some standing punching bags no longer need the bottom tank and filling material. Like in the following picture:-

Heavy standing punching bag with suction cups technology

In addition to home gyms and small places, such type of heavy standing bags are also beneficial for heavyweight boxers, martial artists, taekwondo athletes, etc.

However, lets dig out further analysis about what I have researched for your boxing or fitness passion.

Top Picks

Best Overall

RDX Free standing Heavy

Best Value

Fitven freestanding heavy bag

Editor Choice

century bob xl freestanding heavy bag

Top 5 Free Standing Heavy Bags Comparison Table

Bag Weight & Dimensions Best for Design Price
RDX-Free-standing-Heavy-Bag-1-2 • Standing height – 6ft
• Bag Height – 124cm
• Legs protector pad – 22cm
• Bag Diameter – 110cm
• Base height – 35cm
• Base Diameter- 200cm
• Suction cups – 17
• Extendable legs – 08
• Weight with sand -120kg
• Weight with water-80kg
• Mixed Martial Arts
• Boxing
• Kickboxing
• Karate
• Muay Thai
• Krav Maga
Available in Seven Exciting Colors
• Red
• Blue
• Black
• Green
• Pink
• Silver
• White
See Price
Century-Wavemaster-freestanding-heavy-bag • Height-169 inches
• Diameter-18 inches
• Base – 27inches
• Weight when filled -270 lbs
• Boxing
• Kickboxing
• Martial Arts
• Cardio and Strength building workouts
3 exciting colors
• Red
• Blue
• Black
See Price
Century-BOB-XL-freestanding-heavy-bag- • Weight – 50 pounds
• When filled-270 pounds
• Total height-82”
• Mannequin – 40″ x 15.5″ x 10.5″
• Base – 24″
• Diameter x 19.5″
• Martial Arts
• Boxing
• Mixed Martial Arts
• Tactical & Military Exercises
• Stress relieving
Single color See Price
FITVEN-freestanding-heavy-bag- Item weight-45 lbs
When filled-205lbs
Shock absorption-360o
Suction cups-12
• Boxing
• Kickboxing
Black color See Price
XN8-freestanding-hevy-bag- Height-5.5ft
Weight when filled-331lbs
• Martial Arts
• MMA Training
4 different colors
• Red
• Blue
• Black
• Silver
See Price

Heavy Standing Punching Bags [Reviews]

The following reviews are written after thorogh research investigation from various users, plus making physical visits to different boxing and combat sports gyms. All the heavy bags are selected upon the sports person needs. You can simply read about the detail characteristics or make a quick selection from the above table according to your needs.

1. RDX Free standing Heavy bag

RDX freestanding heavy bag

When we talk about heavy and sturdy bags, RDX free standing will be the first because it can easily meet the standard of heavy punching. Its ultra-wide hitting area is 35 cm long, making it a formidable opponent in the gym so far. This 185cm stand-up bag is customized for your ultimate boxing and excellent kicking experience. For professionals and amateurs, it is also beneficial in boxing, mixed martial arts, Muay Thai, or Taekwondo training.

If we talk about the quality of the bag, it is made of multiple layers of tear-resistant Maya leather filled with high-density foam. The hitting surface can provide the ideal resistance and the best shock absorption effect. By using advanced technology connectors with densely padded handles, it can well prevent the bag from swinging and tilting excessively.

In our research, we discovered the common problems of ordinary freestanding bag sliding that many people still face. However, the bottom of this bag is carefully designed with high-quality materials. Eight sliding extenders are combined with the base, and 17 heavy-duty suction cups are connected to provide extra stability.

These extenders are detachable and are very useful for rock-solid stability during active training. You can actively use it to punch, kick, or any heavy blow you want to play. It is difficult to slide and you will feel as fun as playing with the beast in the ring.

The assembly process is very simple and easy. The Amazon deliver the bag in two separate packages and the base with the slider is almost pre-equipped with suction cups. A free funnel is also provided in the package to fill the base with sand or water. The base filling unit is also equipped with a sealing cover, which is sufficient to protect against any leakage.


  • Big and best
  • Premium durability
  • Extra-wide and extra height
  • Polypropylene base with connector
  • Great value
  • Best for beginners and Pros alike
  • Excellent performance
  • Firm & stable base
  • Beautifully designed color targeted areas


  • Fixed height

If you want to add a heavy bag to your arsenal, then RDX is the best. Because, RDX Free standing heavy bag is not only suitable for boxing, but also an appropriate choice for taekwondo, mixed martial arts, Muay Thai, and even ordinary aerobics.

The interesting thing about this bag is that this is the largest standing bag in the market. It has 6 exciting different colors and a pair of free matching gloves to meet the needs of users.

2. Century Wavemaster XXL – Free Standing Heavy Bag for Boxing

Century wavemaster freestanding heavy bag

If you are tired of small training bags that cannot meet your workout requirements, Century’s XXL may be the one. It is the best standing heavy bag that can bring you joy. With its largest kicking surface and hitting surface, you can achieve all the fighting sports goals you want. Its 69-inch height and 18-inch diameter are very useful for practicing mixed martial arts and hard corner kicks.

The stamping surface of the bag is made of high-quality, durable materials. The bag is filled with high-density foam, and its rebound effect is very good. Even if it is hit hard, it will not compress. The lid of the bag is made of high-quality vinyl. A stronger and waterproof material that is more environmentally friendly than other types of materials.

The low-profile bottom of the bag is carefully designed to effectively distribute weight. The high-quality materials make the base strong enough to hold approximately 270 pounds of filling material, namely water or sand. With large filling holes and tool-free assembly, you can easily fill the base and assemble it easily. With such incredible quality, this bag is can remain very stable in a wide range of boxing and taekwondo sessions.

As a leading brand, Century has launched various types of bags for punching and other types of aerobics workouts. However, Wavemaster XXL is the latest model and is a best free standing heavy bag, especially suitable for professional MMA and Muay Thai players. This full-length heavy bag will neither tip over nor leave any impact marks on its hitting surface and can withstand your beats strongly.


  • Extra-large Full height
  • High quality hitting surface materials
  • Great durability
  • Compact design
  • Sturdiness
  • Very useful for heavy hitters
  • Equally useful for all genders
  • Stress buster


  • Fixed height

Well, if you want to use a standing boxing bag in place off traditional heavy bag, then it can serve you to a certain extent. This heavy standing bag is suitable for aerobic workouts, karate, taekwondo, and mixed martial arts training. Therefore, with reasonable prices and special features you may consider adding this package to your arsenal equipment list.

3. Century BOB XL Free standing Heavy Punching dummy

Century bob xl free standing heavy punching dummy

If you can’t attend the gym or find a suitable bag but want to practice at home. Then BOB XL has the qualities to meet all your needs from various fighting sports to aerobics. It can serve you as a training partner at home. This real mannequin-like heavy bag is a good substitute for many similar gadgets. It can easily fulfill your needs for practicing boxing, kickboxing, punching, taekwondo, martial arts, etc.

According to our research, this bag has great quality and can easily get the title of a multifunctional mannequin, suitable for your home exercise. Its great humanistic shape and face are very unique to serve you as an opponent. With BOB you can feel a realistic partner training where you can properly target the exact anatomy with precise strikes. The target strikes training with this heavy mannequin can enhance very well your self-defense essentials.

The body of the bag is made of durable materials, which can provide you with long-term durability. The bag is filled with urethane foam. A versatile form made of polyurethane, very flexible, and widely used in high-quality industrial products. It’s hitting surface is covered with high-strength plastisol, an indestructible high-impact coating material for good resilience and robustness. So, combined with such high-quality materials, even hard hitters or professional fighters will not be able to tear this body opponent bag easily.

The round base is made of high-quality polyethylene a synthetic plastic, which has excellent resistance to water and organic materials. Filling with water, sand or similar materials weigh up to about 270 pounds. The weight of the base is enough to keep the bag in a good standing state during exercise. Environmentally friendly materials and excellent design make it strong, durable, and easy to move.

Including adjustable height feature is great, and people of all ages and heights can benefit from it. Its overall structure and large hitting surface are very suitable for a variety of fighting sports. Especially in terms of angel strike and target acquisition, it is unparalleled compared to other heavy bags.


  • Life-like upper torso
  • Durable high strength structure
  • Outstanding filling material
  • Sturdy base
  • Very convenient
  • Extra-large striking surface
  • Adjustable height settings
  • Suitable for multiple combat sports
  • Great for target acquisition
  • One-year warranty


  • No arms
  • Not good for instep kicks
  • The back of the BOB is not suitable for practicing

If you want to attack vigorously, feel the real opponent and get the maximum output from the exercise. Then, this muscle builder, and power buster is waiting to be used in your gym or home. The BOB XL is one of the best freestanding heavy bags but a bit expensive. However, the high-quality materials and outstanding features make it suitable for almost all types of exercises.

4. FITVEN with Conical Rubber – A Best Freestanding Heavy Bag for Boxing and Kickboxing


Tracking boxing or fighting sports stars and asking them for some advice on using a certain type of bag is a very difficult job. But FETVEN makes it very easy and simple. The brand adopted a unique strategy of modifying their heavy bags on the advice of professionals. This strategy makes FITVEN products unique, more high-quality, and comfortable.

Similarly, one of the best FETVEN products we found is a heavy duty freestanding bag with conical rubber. The overall carefully crafted design is making this bag very suitable for heavy boxing and taekwondo. This 71-inch medium-sized standing bag can radiate the heat of hard hitters’ adults and is also very useful for teenagers to practice.

This gray bag is wrapped in a stainless-steel tube and filled with elastic fabric cushions. The hitting surface is made of a variety of environmentally friendly high-density EPE foam and 2 mm high-quality PU leather. Combining cost-effective enfold fillet welding technology, tear-resistant quality, and rapid rebound characteristics, provides a longer service life for the bag. These materials ensure the safety of the sandbag to the greatest extent and can provide you a good fist feel.

In our research, we discovered two problem-solving features that make this bag perfect, its robustness and excellent shock absorption system. The beautifully designed bag has 12 powerful suction cups attached to the bottom. These cups are providing a firm grip and anti-slip performance. In order to be more stable, the bottom and the bag are connected by three layers of tapered high-quality rubber. By combining high-tech components, the overall structure is more stable and durable.


  • Designed under the advice of professional
  • Great quality and comfort use
  • Useful for unisex adults, teenagers, and kids (47”-73” tall)
  • Best shock-absorbing system
  • Sturdy base with powerful suction cups
  • Stability against hard-hitting
  • Soft and durable
  • Quality product materials
  • A free pair of professional gloves


  • Suction cups of the bag not working on the carpet
  • Wet suction cups have less gripping capacity

This freestanding heavy bag of FITVEN has been scientifically designed, meticulously updated, and modified. The aim is to make it more suitable for supporting powerful blows. It will give you a lot of output in your straight punches, uppercuts, and right hooks.

For families with children over 7 years old, it can also be easily practiced under the supervision of the elderly. If you want to greatly improve your responsiveness and sensitivity, increase your strength and release stress. For you or your whole family, it may be your best choice at a reasonable price.

5. XN8 Heavy Duty Punch Bag

XN8 freestanding heavy bag

The XN8 5.5-foot freestanding heavy-duty bag offers five different designs. It can be used by both professional martial artists and beginners. The bag is made of lamina hide leather and filled with a special structure of Equi-Shox foam. These materials makes the bag soft and provide a longer service life.

The XN8 free-standing model has the best bag to disperse power by expanding and protecting your wrist from injury. It has the characteristics of restorability, and the bag quickly returns to its original state after exercise, leaving no traces. Its flexibility and powerful shock absorption are its popular characteristics among heavy strikers.

The base and its tapered connector adopt a high-tech design, which is strong, shock-absorbing, and fast rebounding. Its round triangular cone base is safer in low kick training . It has a large capacity of approximately 332 pounds of filling material. The weight and structure make it a perfect independent bag for heavyweight players and professionals at a very low price.


  • 5 colorful stunning designs
  • Made of high-quality lamina hide leather
  • High-quality EPE Equi-Shox foam
  • Great recuperation characteristics
  • Well-designed con-shaped sturdy base
  • Overall durable materials
  • Low price


  • Filled bag is heavier compare to other standing bags and therefore a little difficult to move easily.

We recommend XN8 here because it uses better materials and has unique characteristics that satisfy users. In addition to high-quality materials and innovative technology, the bags they provide are also very affordable.

So, if you miss your boxing or martial arts club and like to practice training in the home gym, then an XN8 freestanding heavy punch bag can be your good companion. It has the ability to withstand and absorb heavy blows for a long time and provides durability. It is also beneficial to both unisex professionals and novices in their exercise and stress relief.

Freestanding Heavy Bag Buying Guide

Before you buy a heavy standing bag considering the following point may be very beneficial for you. It will provide you guidance about selecting a heavy standing bag.

  • Self-Awareness: –

You should be familiar with yourself and the sport you are engaged in. Under normal circumstances, when someone goes shopping, he knows what he wants to buy and for what purpose. Similarly, you should be familiar with your abilities and inclinations for the results you will receive from the bag.

  • Features and usage: –

Every bag has its features and purpose for some specific kind of workout for training or normal practice. Know about the bag features and how they can be beneficial for you. So that it will be not regretful for you in the future.

  • Structure and Design: –

As heavy bags are mainly prepared for professionals but some cheap bags have unfavorable structural design. later those bags can become your headache because of not fulfilling your requirements. So, ensure that the structure including the design of a bag is sturdy, suitable according to your environment and type of workouts.

  • Materials Quality: –

Be sure to read the information about the materials used in the bag-making process. It should be environmentally friendly and beneficial to human health. The entire packaging should be durable and have some lasting qualities. You can get familiar with it through blogs, forums, and useful comments from users who have experienced it.

  • Right Dimensions: –

The size and weight of the sandbag are very important in your daily exercise. You should be familiar with the correct size bag for exercise based on your height and weight. The combination of balance and correct proportions is conducive to continuous and uninterrupted fitness exercises.

  • Easy Setup and Convenience: –

Mostly standing punching bags are designed to provide more compactness and convenience, but few are difficult to handle during setup and practice. Therefore, if you are a non-technical person and need to use the bag in various sports venues indoors and outdoors. It would be better to know the installation and use possibilities of the bag in advance.

  • Good Value: –

The last thing we want to suggest is about product prices. Most of the good-quality heavy-duty punching bags are a bit expensive, but they have the potential and quality to respond to your money. However, some bags just give people a fake and attractive appearance, and the materials inside have no value. Therefore, before proceeding, always make sure to come from other athletes or after you are satisfied with reliable reviews. As a prudent step, it would be great to save your hard-earned money and avoid any trouble during your fighting sports training or fitness workout.

What type of heavy standing punch bag should I buy?

If you are interested in heavy-duty bags and your budget allows you to satisfy your enthusiasm. According to our recommendations, RDX freestanding heavy-duty bag is the best, which includes some extra dimensions.

If you are looking for both heavy and cheap bag, then the FITVEN free-standing heavy-duty bag will be more suitable for you. We believe that the BOB XL free-standing heavy-duty mannequin also has unique characteristics and is overall suitable for professionals and beginners at the same time.

Final Verdict

The Free standing heavy bags we have listed above are the result of our in-depth research and careful selection. These bags are durable, high-quality alternatives to hanging bags. These bags are widely used in various combat sports training institutions and home gyms. The exact specifications can still vary depending on your specific requirements, but the quality of these bags is beyond doubt.

Frequently Asked Questions

For professionals, these bags are more suitable for cultivating endurance, because the strong and softer materials can make you feel like an opponent in the ring.

Well, both punching bags are suitable for fighting athletes, but the freestanding style is easier to practice. Compared with hanging bags that require correct installation settings and practice environments. Stand-alone bags have a worry-free setup and their use is conducive.

Various brands use different filling materials, such as old rags, textile sheets, foam, cotton, sawdust, etc. However, most of the products we selected above use high-quality foam as the filling material, which has a good rebound effect and fist feel and will not irritate your wrists or feet during your exercise.

If you want a full-body workout and have the endurance to face a heavy bag, then this type of bag is perfect for your workout. With the help of a heavy standing bag, your shoulders, chest, arms, legs, and almost your entire body muscles can become stronger.

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