Best Boxing Headgears With Extra Shield 2023 [Top Reviews & Guide]

best boxing headgear

Headwear is an essential part of the boxing game; the best boxing headgear can provide you with a high degree of protection and comfort without worry.

In this article, I am reviewing some of the best boxing headgears, which are the result of a lot of research and experience.

I listed all headgears based on their convenience, comfort, and the quality of the materials used, and their degree of protection. Learn brief about the top headgears to maximize your head safety and fully enjoy your boxing experience.


winning FG2900 best headgear

Best Overall

Winning Headgear FG2900

venum elite headgear image

Best Value

Venum Elite Headgear

Hayabusa Headgear – T3 LX MMA

Best Choice

Hayabusa Headgear – T3 LX MMA

Best Boxing Headgears Review

Cleto Reyes Headgear

Ringside Cleto Reyes classic training headgear image

This protective gear is a well-crafted piece for protection as a headgear. It has no nose protection bar but is best for facing straight punches because the cushioning is placed very technically that a punch will hardly hurt your face.

The quality leather and reinforced padding can not only give you a super protection but also provide you a clear side vision. Including Cleto Reyes in my review has it,s two main characteristics great design and traditionally structured toughness that making it a good choice for a boxer.



  • A great combination of cowhide and latex foam cushioning
  • Traditionally hand crafted
  • Best for full sparring
  • Suitable fit for big heads


  • The hook is sturdy but metal made hook can sometimes hurt your chin and jaws.
  • Side padding of the headgear are not appropriate and you will feel the punch after a hit.

My Opinion

There is no doubt that this cleto reyes headgear is a high-quality handmade headwear made of high-quality materials. Most users still like it and are satisfied with it. However, before making any decision, it may be good for you to consider the above shortcomings and also read what are other people opinions.

Best Boxing Headgear for Nose Protection the Winning Headgear Fg5000

Winning Headgear Fg5000 image

Your eyesight and mind are the most important and critical organs in boxing and need to be fully protected. For this reason, this 15-ounce Winning Headgear FG5000 may be the best boxing headgear for nose protection. This is an expensive headwear, but its super filling, wide face and excellent build bar can provide you with nose protection beyond imagination.

This lightweight winning helmet is a super protection tool for your training, sparring and real boxing matches. You can use it without worrying about getting hurt in your boxing.

Winning headgear FG5000 is made in Japan from quality synthetic leather. It is equally useful for an individual and training gyms.



  • A Good comfortable design
  • A full-face protector
  • Best boxing headgear for beginners and professionals alike
  • Well padded and give you a clear vision
  • Quality leather and scientific reinforcement of padding


  • This is not suitable for Muay Thai
  • The Price of the headgear is too high

My Opinion

Winning is a very popular brand. Each fitness or sports equipment manufactured by this brand has unique value and fewer shortcomings. If you can afford the price of this headgear, then we suggest you give it a try. Compared with other brands of boxing, winning headgear size chart can give you the comfort to choose the exact size that suites you the most.

Best Winning Headgear for Sparring [FG2900]

winning FG2900

Winning Fg2900 is a 9.5 oz lightweight full-contact headwear made in Japan. The headband is made of high-quality artificial leather, making it more durable and comfortable. Fg2900 is the result of long-term research and technical construction. It has three different and attractive colors, with perfect size according to different sizes. Its structure design is very good, according to choosing the right size, it can fit the head well.

Fg2900 also has a big feature. If you choose the right size, it can’t slip even in non-professional boxing matches or training and sparring. Since there is no helmet that can reduce impact 100%, if it is parallel to other helmets in this respect, the effect of winning Fg2900 is much better. Its technology and proper padding can protect your face from cuts and bruises.

The foam padding is very precisely injected into the headgear without distracting your eyes and providing a wide vision. Its overall structure makes it a long-lasting protective device if it is not infringed by sharp things. After each game or practice, only some headband cleaning materials are needed to clean it.

The last thing is the temperature of the artificial leather during use. The winner also confidently passed this function. Compared with other headwear, Fg2900 leather does not heat up or helps to heat the headwear, causing the face to heat up.



  • Great design with shock absorbing technology and good nose protection
  • Auto and flexible adjustment of the headgear to the head using appropriate headgear size.    
  • Well fit and no slipping over the head.
  • Well reinforcement of padding that can protect you from high impact of punches.
  • Durable material and light weight.


  • Product price is high.
  • The inside linings often get slippery with sweat (but controllable with a headband)

My Opinion  

Well, in addition to the high price of Winning Headgear Fg2900, it has so far received a very good customer rating of 4.9 points (out of 5 stars). Why? Because this device provides a good long-lasting effect and is good value for money. If you can afford it, then this headgear can prove its value, but after you personally experience its features and quality. I would recommend it 100%, try it and you won’t be disappointed.

Ring to Cage Headgear Deluxe GelTech 2.0

The winning headgear is of good quality but expensive, and usually players cannot afford it. However, if you want the best alternative headgear like Winning Fg5000, then this 24 oz Ring to Cage headgear is a good choice. The weight of the two headgears is slightly different, but the performance and durability are exactly the same. The advantage of Ring to Cage lies in its high-quality leather. It uses genuine leather and has a better Dry-max fabric lining instead of vinyl.

The overall structure of the headband is perfect to protect your nose and face. The filling around the cheeks is appropriately strengthened to enlarge the field of vision. Its 1-inch wide strap has a leather hook nicely stitched. The strap loop has a strong gripping and does not hurt the chin.

A good combination of foam and gel is used in making of ring to cage headgear to better absorb shocks and reduce impact. Compared with the Winning FG5000, it is a bit bulky, but this is due to its weight and extra padding. However, the quality of the headwear is superb.



  • Less price and genuine leather
  • Full face protection with a wide vision
  • Quality padding using a good combination of materials
  • Long lasting material and good protective structure


  • 9 Ounce Extra weight than Winning Fg5000
  • A little bulky for few users

Ringside Competition Headgear – for Boxing and Martial Arts

Ringside Competition Headgear for Boxing and Martial Arts image

This is one of the most perfect headwear that meets American boxing standards and is recognized. It has a smooth contour design and a padded curved cheek protector. The design not only has an artistic appearance, but also has better protection strength and quality. Its good characteristics are due to the use of high-quality materials in its structure, making it a durable device.

It is made of durable leather with long-lasting proficiency and performance. It uses a soft suede lining in its structure to give it the ability to absorb sweat and temperature control. With this function, it dries fast and will not make your face hot during the game. In order to reduce the strength and disperse the impact of the punch, it is equipped with the highest quality laminated foam. Therefore, in amateur boxing matches and martial arts competitions, it can provide you with the greatest safety with less impact.

The Ringside Competition headgear has 7 eye-catching color designs and 04 sizes, namely small, medium, large and X-large. Once you choose the right size, it can be fixed on your head without any gaps or looseness. However, there is a 3-point fixation option in the headgear. The lace on the top and the Velcro strap on the back are used for tightening, and the leather chin strap is used to fit the entire headwear.



  • Approved by American boxing
  • Perfect fit for head without catching hear and breathable
  • Right amount of padding and a smoother surface
  • Less price, multi sizes and attractive designs
  • Great durability with high quality genuine leather, material


  • Initially due to genuine leather it feels a little bit harder but after few uses and break-in period it became softer and flexible.

My Opinion

According to my research, the overall structure, design and high-quality materials of this headgear did not leave any traces. It demonstrates its exquisite craftsmanship and provides a good flexible choice for various sizes and designs containing good characteristics. In addition, it has been recognized by the American boxing community, which is a very difficult achievement for a headwear.

So, in short, you can buy it with its affordable price. It has a long-lasting quality as well as amazing features. From a usage point of view, it has demonstrated its potential, with good customer reviews and a score of 4.8 points (out of 5).

Venum Challenger headgear

Venum Challenger headgear image

If you are looking for a headwear with a 180-degree clear field of view and full protection, then Venum Challenger 2.0 may be your best choice. It has two different designs, namely black and white and all black. It is mainly good for MMA, but also good for boxing and Muay Thai.

Venum headwear is made in Thailand with Skintex leather and lightweight reinforced padding. These materials make the headband an ultra-lightweight protective device that improves head movement. Its stylish design and wise padding on the edges of the head and cheek protectors provide a safe and clear window for the eyes. The overall structure of this headband is designed to protect the most sensitive parts of the head.

The Venum Challenger has a size suitable for everyone and weighs 0.31 kg. The top of the headband is ventilated to dry quickly and avoid fatigue. It has two kinds of Velcro fastening methods with hook and loop system. It can be easily cleaned with any reliable disinfecting spray.



  • It adopts a safe and comfortable design with wide adjustable Velcro fixing options.
  • The three-layer contour foam is used as a filler, which can absorb shock well.
  • The ventilated top with mesh material can dry quickly.


  • The device has one size (but it fits most adults due to the Velcro fixation)
  • The manufacturer recommends only for men.

My Opinion

The design and structure of this headgear are perfect, the padding and leather stitching are very good, one size can be fit to all, and the user score is 4.7 points (out of 5). These characteristics mean that it is very suitable for martial arts training and practice.

However, as far as I know, this helmet is not designed for all players, and there are some shortcomings, which may be the needs of many people. For example, it does not have a chin strap. Although the strap is great, most people who prefer a fully tight headgear may disappoint themselves because it can be a bit bulky for their head.

So, my final opinion is to buy this headwear 50/50. Although it can be a good protection item for beginners, if you are the person I mentioned above, then you should read more after considering more product details and Amazon customer reviews.

Venum Elite Headgear

Venum elite headgear

Venum Elite is a famous Muay Thai headgear made in Thailand that contains all the functions required for a specific sport. However, its safe structure also helps other contact sports not to be rejected. The main features of venum elite headgear are its adequate padding, super-protective design and precise structural dimensions, making it a very useful device.

Its padding is reinforced at the forehead and cheek pads to provide maximum protection and better vision, while the side pads also include earmuff pads to provide total additional safety. The lower part of the headgear is also equipped with a cushion instead of a strap to protect the chin.

Venum Elite is made of durable synthetic Skintex leather with inner lining. The leather and inner liner are double-stretched, which is durable. The top of the headband is fixed with cross straps, which can be dried quickly, while the back is open and has a large strap to ensure firmness.

This Elite headgear is loved by many people for its inner mesh, outer padding and outstanding design. It weighs only 0.37 Kg, which is a very light and suitable headwear. With all these high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship, this headgear can serve you for a long time.



  • Great structure, one size with low sitting padding.
  • A best Muay Thai headgear for high fighting protection.
  • Inner Mesh, quick drying and firm fitting over the head without slipping.
  • Available in 8 different attractive designs.
  • Adjustable top and chin portion for appropriate tightness.


  • Less nose protection

My Opinion

The quality and structure of the venum elite headgear is beyond doubt. It is considered the best headgear for boxing, Muay Thai practice and other fighting sports with user rating of 4.7 out of 5 points.

According to my research and review, from the user’s point of view, it has great flexibility, that is, the availability of different colors and designs at an affordable price. You can buy and use it for lasting protection.

Hayabusa Headgear – T3 LX MMA

Hayabusa headgear image

If you want a headwear made of full-grain luxury leather, Hayabusa T3 LX may be your best choice. When I compare it with other headwear, its Italian leather is not only a name, but also has some excellent qualities. I often visit different gyms to learn new things with keen observation.

Similarly, when I asked a friend about the Hayabusa T3 helmet’s performance, I was shocked by its durability. My friend is still happy to use this equipment to practice and play his MMA for 3 years, and it is still in perfect condition.

Well, Hayabusa T3 has a complete and perfect design, just like a healthy person with six pack abs. It has low-profile and efficient padded cheek protectors. The inner nylon lining is stitched and placed precisely. The headwear itself is in one size, but very flexible and adjustable. For quick drying and ventilation, the top of the headband is opened between the two straps, and the ears are designed with ventilation meshes.

The helmet is definitely for protection purposes, but Hayabusa T3 has the added quality of effectively dissipating strike impact. Its maximum shock absorption, high-quality materials and attractive design forced me to write down its evaluation.



  • Compact design with multi-layers foam padding
  • Top and sideways T-cross closure for perfect adjustability
  • 100% High quality Italian leather with full grain serve as an outer shell.
  • Quickly drying and comfortable soft nylon lining
  • Comfy fit and breathable design
  • Full coverage, wide vision and one size fit for all


  • Has no adjustable chinstrap
  • Available in only one size

My Opinion

As a witness of Hayabusa T3, I can tell you more about what I heard from my friends and what I saw. However, if you are an MMA player of any level, this handmade headgear can provide you with the best performance for a long time. Its excellent impact resilience, comfortable inner lining and cross closure for precise adjustment are simply amazing. As beginners, intermediate and professionals, it is recommended and best suited for you.

Cleto Reyes Traditional Headgear

Cleto Reyes Traditional Headgear image

The most important characteristic of any best boxing helmet is its weight, and the Cleto Reyes traditional helmet confidently possesses this quality. Due to its light weight, it also has very adjustable size characteristics. It fits your head comfortably and perfectly. All you need to do is pull the single chin strap provided. During pair training or practice, according to your needs, this is the fastest tightening and adjustment function available in this helmet. In addition, the top and back of the headband can be further adjusted using the hooks, loops and laces provided.

The traditional Cleto Reyes headwear is handmade by Maxico using natural leather. The natural leather used in the headwear gives it a longevity factor and maintains its durable structural design. Its three-point fitting structure is filled with high-quality latex foam, which is very comfortable.

In addition to comfortable design, Cleto Reyes traditional headwear also meets the aesthetic requirements of the players. It has a variety of colors to choose from, and you can easily select the color you like or suit you.

From a protection point of view, the latex foam used in the helmet has a good ability to resist and deflect violent impacts. The headband can also protect your nose from damage through its delicate nose bridge. The wide field of view reinforced by the inward stitching also ensures a clear field of vision and protects the eyes.



  • Made from quality and soft natural leather with metal setting
  • Lightest weight with thickly latex foam padding
  • Good breathability and comfortability
  • Available in multiple colors for right matching
  • One size and highly Adjustable


  • Less chin protection

My Opinion

If you want to protect your nose from being broken in a boxing /sparring, then it can effectively protect you. Most cheap headwear also has this function, but it is not reliable. A pointed nose bridge is also a good thing, not so big that it can touch the nose.

However, for some people, the bridge of the nose may be inappropriate and causing visual impairment, but for many people it performs well. I like its structure because it can at least protect you from sudden straight punches. Therefore, you can buy it, use it, and protect yourself from serious damage with confidence.

RDX Headguard for Boxing– A Best Boxing Headgear with Nose Bar

RDX Headguard for Boxing image

Protective equipment made of Maya Hide leather is popular for its durability and performance in combat sports. If you are looking for headwear made from this material, then the RDX headwear for boxing is a good example. This RDX helmet is not only suitable for boxing, but also has a variety of options for any fighting sport. It comes in four different sizes, and its scientific design makes it a better tool for combat players.

The compact design of the RDX makes it ideal for boxing, taekwondo, Muay Thai and similar sports. It uses three layers of high-quality foam as a buffer to dissipate the impact of the strikes. The foam layer is perfectly combined with SpongeX and DenZo Tron boards to double its protection.

The structure and design of protecting vital organs is beyond imagination because of its scientific craftsmanship. It is the best boxing headgear with nose bar that will not bend and provide maximum protection. It has all-round ventilation and good temperature control during gaming.

In order to obtain a good grip and tightness, the headband is equipped with an EZ hook and loop chin strap. Its chin strap also has an even, low-profile pads to help protect your jaws. The top and back of the headband are equipped with a lacing system, which can be adjusted for a better grip whenever needed.



  • Good design with thick padding
  • Better grip and comfortable
  • Perfect stitching and long-lasting material  
  • Best choice for beginner player of MMA, boxing or Muay Thai
  • Sturdy nose bar with high protection  
  • Wide window for clear vision
  • Good ventilation for quick drying
  • Affordable price


  • With its thick padding it is a little big and bulky
  • No chin protection
  • Due to height of nose bar lower vision for kicks could be not clear

My opinion

To be honest, this RDX helmet is the best boxing helmet for beginners and is worth recommending. However, for professional and advanced players, this may not be a good choice, and I would say that it is neither good nor bad. The reason is that you will not feel any impact after wearing this headgear, but for professionals, this function is not enough. The RDX headgear is thickly padded, and the weight is average, but it will make you feel a little cumbersome, and you may not be satisfied with the slow head movement.

So, if you purely want to protect your head and nose from impact, then this might be great, but if you don’t like bulky headwear, then this is not designed for you. 

Best Boxing Headgear – Buying Guide

The following are some important factors that I always consider when using a boxing helmet, and they are always beneficial to me. However, different people have different aspects, some of which are not necessarily important to them. Through the comparative analysis I describe below the important features that a top headgear consist. This guide will benefit you a lot to chose your best headgear for sparring, boxing, MMA or related sports.


Fighting sports are already intense and stressful enough, so this factor is very necessary and should be given priority. You should wear a headgear of the right size, more comfortable, less distracting, and less annoying.

The importance of this feature is obvious, if you check it incorrectly, it will cause more distraction in the game. For example, some headdresses squeeze on the forehead, back, and sides of the head, rarely being too slippery or moving too much around the head. Due to the uneven gap between the headgear and the head, some headbands may have problems and shake during the punching process.

Internal structural design and lining may also be a limiting factor. In particular, I noticed that due to the smooth lining, some headwear slipped around the head. Although those who feel annoying or other things prefer to use it instead of a furry lining.

The chin strap is also an essential accessory. Usually due to a poorly designed loose chin strap, players will feel uncomfortable and unable to concentrate on the game due to the loose head strap. Although sometimes too tight straps can also cause trouble and give people a feeling of suffocation in boxing. 

Prominent Visibility  

Defensive defense is like complete protection, but you can’t defend against attacks that you can’t see. If you are still hit, it is important for you to observe the hit. Being able to see the fist inside the helmet can protect you from continuous beatings, and you can effectively protect yourself. Professional and advanced boxers usually rely on solid defense rather than heavy protective pads.

Considering the main area and the headgear parts covering it, the outstanding visibility can be described. The overall thickness of the padding around the face like the forehead area, cheek protector and covering the headgear. Each headwear produced by different brands has unique styles, designs, shapes and fillings to avoid similarities to each other. Some of them have a feeling of suffocation due to the thick padding in the headband.

Everyone has a different sculpture, and the size of the face and head are also different. Therefore, in this regard, it is strongly recommended to carry out practical trials of different sizes. However, it would be great to choose a headgear that can bend its cheek protector slightly outward. This type of headgear allows you to see your field of vision clearly without covering it up.

Similarly, a headwear that is too large or its cheek protector can cause visual impairment due to its hanging on your face. 

Proper padding

Proper Filling is an important element in making the headband a good protective gear. In this article, I gave each headgear cushion a score of 0 to 10, where the higher the score, the higher the strength of the cushion. All levels are judged based on actual punches, which may differ from the actual thickness of others.

In my experience, softer fillers are good for soft punches, but bad for heavy blows. On the other hand, the hard cushion is good in terms of firmness, but due to its hardness, its comfort is shaky.

What Kind of Padding Should Be the Best for A Boxing Headgear?

Well, in my opinion, a mixed quality cushion is better than a single cushion. From any point of view, a headwear with a soft inner liner and a hard-outer surface will be the best headgear. 

High Quality

Through my experience and research, for declaring a best headgear I always consider few questions and that remains quite helpful to me like;

How good the headwear is?

How good is the overall structure, chin strap, padding?

Will it survive and will prove its quality in the long term?


Will it lose quality in a short time?

The small chin strap maintains pressure and is also the most important element in the use of headwear. Why do I value this part? Because most headwear with poor quality chin straps often break and become useless after a period of time. Either its clasp is broken, or the strap is easily torn, which is totally unsatisfactory. Therefore, never compromise on the quality of the headwear, because good quality headwear can be durable and bring you value.


The structural design of the boxing headgear mainly covers the cheeks, chin, forehead, back and both sides of the head. But each headwear is different in covering these protective areas.

In the game, cheeks and foreheads are the main areas that affect your vision. Most of the blows to the players’ land at these areas. You also can often get hits from the side, but this will not reduce your vision. However, the padding on both sides of the headgear should not be too thick, which can provide extra points for your opponent as a big target.

Similarly, different headwear has different pads on the back of the headwear. If your boxing style is often hit by the back, please pay attention to your necessary headgear padding, because most of the hits land at the back of the head during a fight.

Always check the chin cushion, because sometimes it can be annoying to not be able to cushion your chin. For me, this type of thing is often troublesome. I have seen some headwear with face guards, mainly used by professionals to protect the nose. However, if you want to avoid breaking your nose, you can consider it, but the visibility of the fist is a bit difficult.

Competitors often use headgear with face bars to prevent their noses from breaking or cutting. There are also many kinds of headwear with face bars, some only protect the nose, and some can protect the chin without affecting eyesight. 

Perfect Size and Balanced Weight

Obviously, imperfect headgear size and weight will affect your performance. The bulky helmet looks good and has more padding, but in actual combat, it can easily become a target, and in close combat, it can be difficult to cover yourself.

On the other hand, the perfect size and lighter headwear can be moved easily and can give you a good feeling. Lighter helmets are not only suitable for lightweight boxers, but heavyweight professional boxers also prefer this type of helmet.

Training Headgear and Competition Headgear

The difference between a training helmet and a competition helmet is simple. The training helmet is made of extra pads, designed to provide you with good safety during the learning process. Its extra protection can better protect you from irregular blows during training. The racing headgear is a well-balanced and perfectly padded outfit that provides good mobility. Because, easy and fast movement can give you an advantage to avoid getting hit.

For novice or beginner boxers, it is recommended to use a training helmet for practice. This extra padded headgear can protect you from the expected blows, because the training is for you to learn new skills and tactics.

Do not use professional headgears for training purposes, as they are not recommended and will not provide you with better protection during your undeveloped boxing. 

Coverage and Padding Vs Visibility

The coverage and filling of the headgear are more or less related to the visibility. It all depends on your compromise, visibility is very important to me. I always like more padded headgear, but not too bulky or too heavy, and the cheek protector is small. Again, this choice is based on personal experience, but for beginners, important aspects should not be left out. Because your experiment with different headgear will enable you to get the amount of filling you need to ensure your good vision in boxing. 

How to buy a best boxing headgear – Video Guide

Final Verdict

Headgear is not only essential for your face protection, but also the most important protective element for your brain. Most people disagree that headgear can’t protect your brain, but it does. As far as I am concerned, I always prefer and recommend that you choose a good boxing headgear that can protect all your head organs, because the impact effect is very dangerous in fierce battles. If you don’t take proper protection measures, it may bring you huge damage.

The best boxing headgear is that which can make you more comfortable and safer. Therefore, choose a product that will bring you comfort and ease and provide excellent protection. Most people usually feel uncomfortable after getting a new headwear, but there may be other factors that should be considered before or after bringing a new headgear.

The size of your head, your fighting style, and most importantly, the break-in period of your new headwear is an influencing factor that should be considered.

Important:- The headgears I mentioned above are the only I have thoroughly researched, and tested. All headwears I selected after my hours of research to present you best of the best boxing headgear.

Moreover, All the boxing helmets reviewed in this article have some valuable features and qualities, but some of them are my favorite.

My favorites boxing headgears are:-

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