What is Boxing? [Definition & Benefits]

what is boxing

Boxing is a sport known as pugilism (literally fist fighting) and prizefighting (the fight for prizes/money) by fighting with fists. Since 1904, boxing has been included in the program of the Olympic Games. Before anyone thought of staging such battles for entertainment, people used their fists for centuries to resolve conflicts.

Boxing is a fighting sport in which two people hit each other in a boxing ring for a set amount of time while wearing gloves and other protective equipment, such as hand wraps and mouth guards.

Amateur boxing has its world championships and is a sport of the Olympic and Commonwealth Games, and it is also a regular sport in most international games. A referee supervises boxing during a period of one to three-minute intervals known as rounds.

When a referee declares an opponent unable to continue, disqualifies an opponent, or causes an opponent to resign, a winner can be determined before the rounds are completed. However, in a complicated situation and the last round, a winner is selected with the help of the judges’ scorecard.

Professional matches are considered a draw if both wrestlers receive the same score from the judges. As in Olympic boxing, a winner must be declared; the judges award the match to a boxer based on technical requirements.

How Many Rounds in Boxing?

Boxing is an amateur and professional sport that consists of attacking and defending yourself with your fists. Boxers often wear padded gloves and abide by the code of conduct. Boxing competitors are evenly matching for weight and skill, and their goal is to land frequent, hard blows with their fists while avoiding the opponent’s blows.

A boxer can win a fight by beating his opponent (points can be counted in various ways) or making his opponent unable to continue the fight. The fights can last between three and twelve rounds, and each one of them usually lasts three minutes.

Boxing Definition – By A Physiologist

According to an exercise physiologist, boxing is not just a fists fight with padded gloves or practice that is being performed in a square ring surrounded by ropes. But,

Boxing is a two-for-one cardiovascular and strength workout that improves overall fitness. It raises a number of skill-related fitness criteria, such as balance, coordination, reactivity, and agility, as well as strength and cardio,”.

Boxing is a wonderful sport and has many health benfits. Its simple workouts can give you an energetic life style. Moreover, you can easily build your muscle strenght and stamina by just practicing with a punching bag.

Suppose someone tells you that boxing is primarily an upper-body exercise; he is misinformed. With the proper training, if you do it properly, you will get a full-body workout.

In boxing, arms are stretched with each blow, but the proper footwork is crucial for your efficient impact. So, with good footwork drills, your back, shoulders, and core muscles are also getting an equal amount of exercise. Moreover, throughout the whole workout, the hips and legs are getting stronger, which are the natural power producers in the human body and play an essential role in the excellent stability of the body.


Boxing has an ancient history and popularity in the world among different combat sports. However, it has many other advantages from a fitness perspective.

Boxing workouts are the best movements for muscle strengthening and body fitness as well as it also has a very positive impact on mental health.

Boxing exercises can give you good relief from depression and mental problems. The plus thing about boxing is that its workouts are more convenient. You can easily start practicing in a very little space in your room or corner in the home by just using a punching bag.

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