Types of Punching Bags: How its Exercises Are Effective?🧐

The innovation of modern methods and different types of punching bags has completely changed the concept of boxing that was considered before. Now you are no longer limited to the traditional way of following your passion or interest as a fitness enthusiast by just using simple boxing bags.

The punching bag is an essential tool that gives you the strength and stamina to beat your opponents with confidence in the ring. Plus, these bags are a great resource for fitness workouts and come in handy. However, choosing the right type of punching bag is an essential element and difficult task for many people.

If you are interested in fighting sports, boxing, Muay Thai and MMA and you are looking for the exact type, don’t worry, here I will explain some types of punching bags and their uses. I hope you find this information useful.

What Are the Characteristics and Types of Punching Bags?

Punching bags, as the name suggests, are bags pre-filled or can be easily filled with sand sawdust or similar filling material. However, it is a powerful tool for various combat sports pieces of training and practice. It has several types, such as free standing, hanging, wall-mounted,punching bag and speed bags etc.

The biggest advantage of the punching bag is that you don’t need a partner, and you can practice at will in your spare time. The freestanding bag does not require any installation, and the hanging bag requires some installation. But whether you prefer to work out with them in the gym or at home in both ways, these are very useful tools.

The size and weight of the punching bags are also different. Due to the introduction of various exercises for different sports in the aerobic field, there are also demands for different weights and sizes. In short, punching bags are no longer limited to specific sizes or weights, just like traditional heavy-duty bags used in the past.

To let you know the types of punching bags, I discuss some types of punching bags and their usage.

Hanging Large Punching Bag

This is a type of punching bag over 150 cm. Large punching bags are more suitable for practicing Taekwondo. As a function, the punching bag is close to the floor, so you can also practice low kicks. In addition, because the punching bag is very heavy, it is difficult to move or rampage even after a series of punches and kicks. Due to the weight, in many cases, I hit my wrist with hard punches during practice.

Hanging Normal Size (Small) Punching Bag

A normal size punching bag is a punching bag used for excelling your punch strength. I often use it in the boxing gym. Because of its short stature, you can’t practice low kicks. While practising, when you push the punching bag hard, the punching bag will move. It is rarely possible to injure your fist or wrist.

In terms of capturing a moving opponent, I practice driving according to its action. When you use your weight to kick a ball on a punching bag of this size, it can jump up quickly, but it happens when you become a super hard boxer. For beginners players exercising with this type of bag is a good choice.

Vertical or Stand Type Punching Bag

Speaking of putting punching bags at home, I think they are either free standing or vertical. It is this kind of vertical punching bag that can be made more authentic. I played with it several times and found this type similar to hanging punching bag. However! The first thing to say is that the space only puts this.

In addition, self-supporting punching bags are very convenient in installation, transportation and use, like in small apartments and family garages. There are many advantages of a standing punching bag. For me is its super convenient and safe design, especially I love boxing dummies for my wokouts.

Floor-Type Punching Bag

Floor-type punching bags also has various varieties; some can stand upright, and some are for grappling, kneeling and submission practices. Similarly, the weight of every punching bag or dummy floor bag also differs, and according to the player’s requirements, it is used for practice.

However, it is best to carefully consider where it is placed and how to use it because often it is heavy. But from the perspective of people living in the apartment, punching bags in the house are very enviable!

The Effect of Punching Bag Exercises

Punching bags can confirm your attacks, hone your skills, and exhale. In addition to other benefits that are beneficial to aerobic exercise, regular use of such combat tools will give you courage and positive energy. Below I write about some of the powerful effects created when exercising with punching bags.

Acquisition and Establishment of Skills

You can enhance your boxing and kicking techniques with the help of punching bags. For this purpose, you must learn and practice striking techniques to acquire the maximum from it.

However, if you didn’t play when you were learning how to play, there are many things you don’t know.

When, what power, and where will the greatest power come out?

Even with a punch, what kind of shot is the best to hit the ball?

By actually hitting the bags, you can grasp the distance and timing to the target.

Acquisition and Establishment of Portfolio

It can also effectively acquire a combination of executive skills and abilities. Because when I fight, I know, how do I use my body when combining, and how do I work hard. You can also gain the strengths and know about the points of weaknesses with practical skills.

For example, when you kick the ball back, you are like pushing your kicker foot towards and back considering the opponent, the recoil will return you to the original position.

Don’t worry its simple “You can learn this because it is the punching bag you are trying with”.

Learn How to Step Work and Distance

Practicing with Punching bags, you can also learn the art of step work. In this case, your practice includes the time between the frequent ins and outs. The punching bag remains fixed, but when subjected to the force of punch or kick, it moves like a pendulum. If you want to avoid this situation or attack, you must use small steps or your distance well.

Increase the Endurance of Driving Practice

It is simple; you can’t hit people seriously all the time. But no matter how many punches or kicks the punching bag hits, it will not break. Therefore, you can invest it thousands or tens of thousands of times. It takes a lot of physical strength to make money to drive. So continue to hit the punching bags, and of course, your physical strength will be attached.

If you practice while listening to music, you can practice happily.

Body Strengthening

It is different from physical strength, but the body is strengthened—for example, fist. By continuing to hit the punching bags, my Fists and wrists are getting stronger and stronger. In the beginning, continuously, my fist hurts, and my wrist hurts. But it doesn’t hurt when I get used to it.

The same is true for kicking. If you continue to kick, your calf will hurt at first, but it will gradually stop. So, I think that constant practice can strengthen your muscles and bones.

Remember, It is more effective to wrap the vinyl tape around the punching bag as a precautionary measure.

Technical Research

In addition to the establishment of technology, you can also practice while thinking. If it’s a person, I can’t just think carefully. But how can I pretend to put the punching bag in front of me?

You can practice with a punching bag while thinking about various things, for example. Compared with muscle training, it may be important to left a weight consciously, but incase of a bag its different.


There are many benefits of punching bags especially it can make you more confident to believe in yourself. It’s use is more practical, a sword demon that can strengthen physical strength and develop your fighting skills.

You can practice while thinking and practice what you are good at and what you are not good at. Some people go to the gym to practice, then go home with a punching bag.

So, it was all about my experience related to punching bags.

What is your experience, and how did you find these tools?

Share your experience in the comments!

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