Is Boxing Good Exercise for Losing Weight?

is boxing good exercise for losing weight?

Boxing can be considered one of the best combat sports for losing weight and/or burning fat. In fact, before I started boxing, I was scared too, but now I’m very happy with what I’ve chosen.

Many people choose boxing not only to show off their skills in competition, but also to lose weight, which is good and common for people who want to lose weight through a highly active activity. That’s why, more than once, when we go to a boxing training center, we might find someone focused on losing weight.

Even in different places, boxing experts are only there to improve people’s physical condition. Since this cardiovascular exercise burns calories, a simple punching bag move creates enough physical activity in the body to start weight loss.

However, I must remind you that if you are willing to lose weight, you should know that constant training is necessary and it will make you a habit. There is no doubt that boxing is an energetic and enjoyable form of exercise that is very effective for losing weight and building muscle.

The Benefits of Boxing

The Benefits of Boxing in losing weight

In boxing training, a high heart rate acceleration is logical. That is, when you exercise, you burn a lot of calories. This martial art makes a significant contribution to the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Boxing is often seen as the ideal exercise to burn accumulated body fat, the product of an inactive lifestyle and poor diet. That’s why this exercise can be an excellent way to develop healthy habits to achieve good physical condition and eliminate the anxiety and stress process. In addition to learning useful techniques like boxing and block exercises are a lot of beneficial.

Does Boxing Work for Both Men and Women?

Is Boxing Good Exercise for Losing Weight?

Boxing weight loss workouts are ideal for both men and women, it all depends on each individual’s needs. In general, both men and women can exercise to lose weight through boxing training, which allows for the development of coordinated movement between the arms and legs.

This is because there are special moves or steps in boxing that always make you “swing” (forward and backward) constantly, with short jumps and permanent bends in the knees. This is great for women because it helps define the hips, and men can also benefit from this type of exercise because the torso twist creates a greater degree of flexibility.

As a beginner boxer, you should only focus on two things. The first is to practice boxing footwork exercises, and the second is boxing punches of different techniques.

Punching Technique in Boxing

There are three basic punches that help maintain good boxing technique and you should know them whether your goal is to lose weight or not: –

  • Straight hit: The practitioner must take a defensive posture, ie, bend his arms to protect his face, punch straight out, keep his elbows close to the body, and immediately return to the initial position of the straight line (fold up and leave).
  • Crochet: To make this punch, the fist must be thrown in a semi-circular motion, aiming to hit the head area or the sides of the body.
  • Hooks: These shots are played from top to bottom. These must be performed by bending the knees and then extending them, which creates an urge.

How Much Weight Can You Lose in Boxing?

It is impossible to define exactly how much weight a person can lose while training for boxing. However, you can get a rough idea of how many calories and fat you can lose in a 45-minute boxing workout, ranging from 400 to 600 calories. However, this will depend on the person’s physique and physical condition, as well as the training intensity.

On the other hand, if you decide to increase the intensity and do your daily exercise, you’ll be able to burn 900 to 1,200 calories. However, it is necessary for you to listen to your body and always seek advice from those responsible for your training.

What Boxing Training Routines Can You Implement to Lose Weight?

Most coaches recommend doing no less than twice a week to maintain a good training rhythm. The recommended duration of sessions is 30 to 45 minutes as a person gradually loses weight, which in turn promotes muscle development and provides your body with a higher level of flexibility and capacity.

The main force of boxing, it’s important to be clear, is the cardiovascular work, which is based on producing sweat; enough to burn calories.

Don’t forget to warm up before you start practicing. Warming up is important because it allows the muscles to gradually adapt to the demands of physical activity later on. In general, I recommend doing a few minutes of cardio, 10 to 15 minutes at a time, and you can do some running, cycling, or stretching. Most importantly, you should focus on exercises designed to prepare your arm muscles.

After warming up, you can try doing some shots (like the three already explained), one minute each; try resting for a few seconds between sets. You can also watch how your body responds and increase the intensity accordingly, doing a series of increasing rhythms until each series reaches one minute.

However, if you are just starting out, I recommend that you balance your technique by swinging your fists into the air like in shadow boxing, and when you feel safe you can increase the intensity with a punching bag. An exercise that will allow you to burn a lot of calories and lose weight as a result.

When you get to a higher level with continued practice, you can try playing with a partner for a few minutes. Boxing with a partner will make the weight loss process more fun and the experience closer to reality. But it’s not mandatory, just to burn your body fat and lose weight.

You can also check out this comparison video regarding highest calorie-burning exercises:-

Happy Boxing!

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