How to Wrap Your Hands Properly?

How to Wrap Your Hands Properly?

Wrapping the hands is an important step in boxing and other combat sports, preventing injury and providing support for the wrists and knuckles. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to properly wrap your hands:

Gather materials: You’ll need hand straps (usually made of cotton or elastic), tape, and scissors.

Start with the wrist support: start by wrapping the hand around the wrist, making sure it covers the base of the thumb and the back of the hand. Make sure the wrap is snug but not too tight.

Wrap Thumb: Place wrap over thumb and wrap thumb twice for extra support.

Wrapping Knuckles: Wrap your hands around your knuckles, starting at the base of your fingers and ending at the base of your wrist. Make sure the wrap is snug, but not too tight.

Continue wrapping: Continue wrapping your hands around your hands, alternating between your knuckles and the back of your hands. The wrap should fit snugly, but not too tightly.

Finishing with Tape: Finish the wrap by taping the end of the wrap to the starting point to hold it in place. You can also use tape to reinforce the wrap, especially around the wrists and knuckles.

Repeat for the other hand: Repeat the process for the other hand.

Wrapping your hands properly is important to prevent injury and provide support during training and competition.

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