How to Make A Punching Bag at Home? | Boxing Gym Ideas!

How to make a punching bag at home?

More than a quarter of the world’s population does not exercise enough to maintain their basic levels of health and well-being. Research shows that in many countries, only 2 in 10 people exercise. Most of them are busy with their day-to-day affairs, while others have not found some affordable exercise tools and places.

This reality is worrying when you consider the many health benefits of exercise: It can reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancer, and for that, consistent training is critical.

At present, due to confinement restrictions, there is an option to exercise at home, which is why we introduce you to the practice of boxing or kickboxing, and let you know some home boxing gym ideas.

In the following article, I’ll show you how to simply go ahead and learn how to make a punching bag at home to start today’s exercise.

How to Make A Punching Bag at Home?

If you want to practice in boxing or kick boxing, one of the elements of your home gym equipment will be the bag. Making a punching bag at home is easy, affordable and great workout tool.


  • Strong fabrics: Can be canvas, natural leather or synthetic leather.
  • Clothes you no longer wear.
  • Dry sand
  • A pair of scissors.
  • Thread: 70g thread recommended. and waxed.
  • Needle, punch, gauge and ruler.


Once you’ve defined your desired size for your punching bag, go ahead and cut the fabric. You should consider using more fabric to make room for seams that need to be made with needle and thread later.

Cut the bottom and top lids of the bag in a circular fashion, again leaving room to connect the body of the bag.

Connect the body of the punching bag (its two longest sides) with a needle and thread. In this step, you can use a hole punch to make it easier to punch holes in the canvas.

Sew the top to the body of the bag with a needle and thread.

Use sturdy hoops so that when you attach them to the tarp, you can hold it in place with the help of a sturdy cord.

Fill your sack with old clothes and sand to add weight, but remember to get the buttons out first! The resulting bag cannot be too hard or too soft, which is essential to avoid injury.

What Is the Use of Hitting A Punching Bag?

Boxing workouts like hitting a punching bag alone has countless benefits. Few of the following purposes that boxing workouts use for are;

  • It helps burn belly fat.
  • Work on coordination and balance.
  • It is an ally to relieve stress.
  • Improve your strength, speed and stamina.
  • You work your legs, abs and arms.
  • Make you able to know some boxing punches

Left Jab – This is a quick move and the most important punch in boxing. It starts with a straight chin and uses the elbows and shoulders to generate energy.

Forehand Straight – You extend your arms horizontally, coil springs. At the same time, protect your chin with your left hand. You quickly withdraw your right hand.

Crochet – The trajectory of this blow is parallel to the ground, and you point it at your opponent’s face, in this case your punching bag.

Don’t forget that the hand you don’t use to strike must always be firm and vigilant, just as you’re protecting yourself.


Making a punching bag at home is simple and fun but is not a better alternative. You should supplement your home gym with a good quality standing bag. It is affordable, convenient and safe. Free standing punching bag workouts are more easier and easily adoptable for a long run to establish a healthier life style.

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