Most Effective Free Standing Punching Bag Workout for Boxing & Cardio

free standing punching bag workout

Free standing punching bag workout is an effective choice for those who want to improve their fighting sports skills or build the physique they desire. If you want to achieve your goals whether its fitness or become a champion in combat sports like boxing. Such type of workouts is a great resource to give you the power and confidence effectively.

Free standing punching bag workout is a set of combinations and rounds mainly used for enhancement of boxing skills. Each round consists of thirty seconds, but you can extend it as needed. After each round, there is a 30-second rest period before the start of the next round.

Now, the rules of rounds and training are not fast nor difficult, but it all depends on your professional level. If you want something harder, longer or easier as a beginner, just change it to five-second increments or decrements. No matter what level of exercise you are doing, this method will be very useful.

Bellow is the quick list of combination where we will cover for performing our workout. The whole workout is based upon 20 rounds each will have a specific time, for me 30 seconds is best while you can schedule your own that suits you the best. You can take a screenshot or copy the list so it will be better for you to follow exactly during you practicing.  

Free Standing Punching Bag Workout Combination List:

  • Round 1: Jab, Cross
  • Round 2: Cross, Hook
  • Round 3: Double Body Hook
  • Round 4: Uppercut, Hook
  • Round 5: Jab, Rear Hook
  • Round 6: Front Kick, Jab
  • Round 7: Hook, Roundhouse
  • Round 8: Cross, Lead Roundhouse
  • Round 9: Font Kick, Cross
  • Round 10: Side Kick, Roundhouse
  • Round 11: Jab, Cross, Hook
  • Round 12: Cross, Hook, Cross
  • Round 13: Double Body Hook, Lead Hook
  • Round 14: Uppercut, Hook, Cross
  • Round 15: Jab, Rear Hook, Lead Body Hook
  • Round 16: Front Kick, Jab, Cross
  • Round 17: Hook, Roundhouse, Cross
  • Round 18: Cross, Lead Roundhouse, Lead Body Hook
  • Round 19: Front Kick, Cross, Rear Roundhouse
  • Round 20: Side Kick, Roundhouse, Lead Hook

First thing first, before any type of workout, whether for a specific sport or just for fitness. Remember that it is important and very beneficial to warm up your muscles before starting any exercise. So, just to read and understand the free standing punching bag training below is okay, but if you’re going to practice then don’t forget to warm up your body.

Round 1: Jab, Cross

To start the first round, do the first nice and simple jab, then go over one or two. Remember there’s a little footwork in the middle, so keep it simple and you don’t need to dangle around the bag. The idea here is to keep this rhythm. It works well with a high elbow pad, this is a very beneficial technique in cardio workout. Do it correctly and repeatedly.

Round 2: Cross, Hook

Take deep breaths after each round at least for 30 seconds. In the second round, get more pivot throws, right cross down the middle, and come back with that leading hook right straight or left hook.

you don’t have to always through the jab. Just make sure it’s unpredictable as you work. Make sure you turn your shoulders over like the first round here and stay alert. Also keep your elbows tight with some footwork. Just move yourself from side to side, keep your toes and rest.

Round 3: Double Body Hook

We have the double hook, it’s the front hook of the body, then the right hook of the body, now it’s nice and close. If you just leave this while sparring, you’re opening yourself up to a world of injury, but if you say slipping over something, like you approach with footwork or it falls off something else, you get to this position and You let go of the hook, and that’s what we’re repeating here.

Round 4: Uppercut, Hook

First, you should warm up a bit. Let’s start with a different angle, you’ll start with a right uppercut, you’ll start with a left uppercut. The two would go well together. Now your top cut will feel like it’s rolling up a bit, but again because you didn’t set it up the way you wanted it to.

When you’re sparring, you know you’re going to avoid what you’re using footwork for, or if you’re at the end of the set, but for now just get the moves right. However, if you start at the chin and end at the chin, both are true, you won’t go for more torso.

Round 5: Jab, Rear Hook

The fifth round is the last hit combo, and it is just a hand lead stab back hook. This is a great option if you’re facing someone who just likes to shell and put their forearms in front to block your straights. So you throw the jab and let them deal with it.

The idea is that your hook goes right around the defender. So, move it. I also move my head away from the centerline when practicing. Here’s something you can easily count and it will also put your weight on the hook.

Round 6: Front Kick, Jab

Well, in the sixth round we’re going to get your legs off the ground and you walk away from the kick and then throw the jab. Usually you jab with your farthest technique, so you bring those legs in, and then you get those front kicks, push kicks, steep quick kicks, they’re all down the midline, so we kick them Get to the body, get their attention, then stab high you can chase hard, or you can just time it.

Round 7: Hook, Roundhouse

In the seventh round we have the lead hook and you go straight back to the roundhouse. These are all together and you’ll see a lot of classic kickboxing. You should perform a tight combo and that hook will get you into the roundhouse. If you turn right into the hook, you’re in place and you’re loaded with a heavy turn. However, just loading the round itself without shooting it didn’t really work. People see it difficult, but it’s a combination of speed and power.

Round 8: Cross, Lead Roundhouse

Round eight, we’ll start over from the mid lane, and for proper hunting, turn your right foot, turn your toes, and put your foot in a good position. So, you can also rotate your hips.

On kicks, you get those points, you get more power, and you have to remember that the front legs aren’t as strong as the back ones, and you can still do some control, range punches, and kicks.

Round 9: Font Kick, Cross

You get in there with a batting combination and now we’re going back to that leaf kick and then we’re going to crucify in the middle. Then you’ll use the jab as your right hand to decide the weight after the kick, just like a beginner hitting the ball hard. Stop the bag before you punch, otherwise you risk flipping your wrist and raising with your hand, no problem rushing back if you’re going forward.

Round 10: Side Kick, Roundhouse

Round 10 Final batting combination Two kicks together Strengthen with that leading side kick. Rotate that foot as you land, turning your hips into a backswing lead. Sidekick with backspin can produce a nice long kick.

Remember, good stopping technique is a good push. There are many different uses for this method. Knock them down in a straight line, hard with each kick, moving up one pivot at a time through two pivots. This way, the speed ensures that you push to the end of the round.

Round 11: Jab, Cross, Hook

Round 11 Let me tell you one thing, here you will feel like you are out of breath. Because here you will be going to take these first combinations and add shots. Each jab cross is the first two you’ll add hooks to. If you want to get fit, maintain good technique, pace, and rhythm. You have to keep going, you have to get over that pain.

Round 12: Cross, Hook, Cross

This round, you need to concentrate deeply, add a cross, straight crotch and shoulders. Keep this up and it should be good and effective. Also make sure to turn those knuckles with your fists. Don’t push the knuckles with a little more foot force, but practice like a lunge. Allow your temples to breathe as much as possible.

Round 13: Double Body Hook, Lead Hook

In this round, you will again be practicing three punches. You need to hook your body left and right, then lift straight up with the head hook. The left and right body will be complaining you but know to put the start. Start pedaling like a slip so it puts you in a position and gets the sport mode right one two three. Also rehearse to return to the first position if the arm drops to stop you so you can back up immediately.

Round 14: Uppercut, Hook, Cross

In this round of crossed hips and shoulders, yes, every punch should get you into position for the next punch, which is a complete thought. Now that we’re standing on the centerline of the body, from body to chest, it’s a nice uppercut. It hurts, but if you come across someone who is wiggling and weaving, or they are leaning forward. Now grab him with an uppercut and finish straight through the side.

Round 15: Jab, Lead Body Hook, Rear Hook

By following this round, you will be able to see the end of this insight for your jab, back hook and lead hook. After a quick jab, we’ll have a lead body hook followed by a rear hook, but below. So you’ll hit all those angles like before. As mentioned, in a combo, the jab is always reactive.

So, hit, again quickly respond, and hit like the area like you are hitting the ribs of your opponent. The bag will come twice and you have to practice it rapidly. By practicing these shots will blow your mind because it worked for me.

Round 16: Front kick, jab, cross

The next five rounds of practice require more focus and energy. Keep the energy level high and keep pushing at that speed. Before a cross jab you’ll required to give a front kick to the bag, then a quick jab and finally hitting with a cross jab. By practicing with movement of the bag your hitting timing will make a perfect combination and stamina.

To do this, your body should not move forward against the bag until you find the perfect timing for hitting the ball. If you’re as advanced as I said before and grabbing bag affects your wrist, be like a beginner. Simply give yourself a pause half a second, and then give try to the next shot after your body stabilizes.

Round 17: Hook, Roundhouse, Cross

As with boxing, the reaction will definitely come from the opponent’s different blows. Likewise, the stand-alone punching bag is designed with the idea of behaving like your opponent. Therefore, practicing your perfect uppercuts, rounds and crosses can also be achieved with a standing punching bag.

In this round, to achieve the goals of the above three strikes, the perfect position is the key element. Standing at a good distance from the bag, stand in a crossed position, leaning slightly forward. Now, give your hand a hook position, hit with your fist, then hold your supporting foot firmly and apply a roundhouse. By doing this, the orientation of the bag changes a little and the cross is applied as the bag bounces.

Round 18: Cross, Lead Roundhouse, Lead Body Hook

Apply the cross in the second move position and apply your lead round, then hit the lead hook accordingly.

The drills of this exercise will strengthen your angled strike and better hitting position. Timing and accuracy in the game is a key factor. With constant practice, you’ll also gain some decent strength.

One thing is also important when you practice these shots with a bag. The bag you will use should have good rebound and reflection characteristics, such as a freestanding bag with springs.

Round 19: Front kick, cross, back spin

Remember the speed and timing of the bag, you should practice exactly. During this round, the exercise is simple, but should be sharp enough to handle the movement effectively. For the opening shot, you have to use a forward kick, then a good cross, and then a backspin.

You may feel uncomfortable with this exercise at first, but with continuous, uninterrupted throws, you’ll be able to handle it smoothly. Another thing about backspin is that you have to be steady on the support foot and aim for one foot at a time.

Round 20: Side kick, spin, hook

OK, round 20 is the final round. Now until now, if you’re going to practice, are you better at doing sidekicks, backspins, and hooks. At this point you only need to perform your side kick and spin as your body will come back to face for a front hook.

In this exercise, each shot will bring you closer to the bag, meaning you will have a good balance if you land perfectly. During 20+ rounds, you’ll get tired, but unless you’re exhausted, you should keep your strength up.

Final Thoughts

So, it’s all about free standing punching bag workout combinations. Although we know that theory and practice are completely different things. The combination above is a theoretical list and a small guide on how to do it, but trust me, it has given me some good results.

If you want to apply these you just need a good free standing bag which should effectively acompany you to enhance your punching and kickboxing experience.

These free standing punching bag workouts and combos are perfect for beginner boxers, as cardio, or fitness enthusiasts who want to practice with bag and stay super fit.

I hope that by reading and knowing how to do these exercises one by one will give you some good results. However, if you are not a theoretical person, copying the list above and simply watching the video below can also help you a lot in your workouts.

20 Minutes Free Standing Punching Bag Workout Video

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