Boxer Push Ups: [How to Gain Explosive Power?]💥

Boxer push ups

It is not surprising to you how professional and well-known boxers exert explosive power and often knock down their opponents with a charming blow.

Do you know how they did it?

Through their strong muscles developed by practicing certain types of exercises. One of the workout methods is “boxer push-ups”.

What Are Boxer Push-Ups?

It is a set of different types of push-ups, specifically aimed at the speed and strength development of boxers. By continuously practicing this push-up training, the boxer’s explosive power can be greatly improved, which is an important and contribution aspect of the boxer’s success.

What Are Push Ups For?

Vector demonstration about how to do puch ups

Push-ups seem simple, but it is very effective because it can strengthen the muscles especially responsible for boxing. In addition, push-ups can not only exercise your arm, chest, and shoulder muscles, but are also very useful for your heart health.

There is a proverb in boxing circles, the lighter the boxer, the more punches per round. But imagine an average boxer punches 60 to 100 times every three minutes. So how much stamina do you think you need to last a minute without exerting effort.

A beginner started punching on a heavy bag. When he first went to the gym or exercise at home, his arms and shoulders would really fall off. The reason behind this is untrained muscles.

Therefore, if you want to develop your boxing endurance and punch like a professional, then you must learn how to become one of them. Let’s learn…

Types of Push Ups and What They Work?

Clapping Push Ups for Explosive Strength

A man is performing clapping push ups

Clapping push-ups are also known as Spartan push-ups, and it is one of the best exercises for developing explosive power. Training consisting of cotton push-ups is called plyometrics. By practicing this training method, you can easily develop muscle strength and speed. As a result, it will enable you to strike with maximum speed and amplitude.

Just do ordinary push-ups as usual, and you can easily master it. Keep your whole body straight. According to the posture you should feel relaxed, keep palms slightly inward, push as hard as possible off the floor, then clap your hands, and go back in an emphasized lying position again.

Repeat the same method for a specific round, but if you do it for the first time, you are limited.

The advantage of this exercise is that it will develop your pectoral muscles. This exercise is very fat-burning and difficult at the beginning, but if you stay consistent, it will be easy to do in your daily routine.

Medicine Ball Push Ups

A man is practicing Medicine ball push ups in the gym.

A fitness ball is an essential tool in any fitness room, but it also helps improve boxing performance in the gym. Boxers are always looking for unique tools and methods to improve their performance. Nowadays, fitness balls are one of them.

Its training is very simple, you have to put your left hand on the ball and your right hand on the floor. Start push-ups and change hands repeatedly. This type of exercise also looks easy, but it is also difficult enough, because it requires a fast pace to achieve maximum effect.

To perform this type of push-up effectively, you need a narrow grip.

Slow Push Ups

A boxer is doing slow push ups

Slow push-ups are the foundation of everything and have many benefits. In military training, slow push-ups are the most difficult part, but it is an essential part. Similarly, in boxing, these push-ups are hard exercises, but to develop explosive power, it plays a key role.

The procedure is similar to other push-ups, but the movements are slower. To perform it, take a lying position with your entire body parallel to the ground. Now lower your torso in the slowest movement possible. The ideal situation created is that you should touch the floor with your chest. Lock this position and push hard off the floor during the upward movement.

For best results, you should do at least 3 sets of 5 times each. Through consistent practice, this exercise can bring you huge results in a short time.

Close Grip Push Ups

Two girls in a gyme performing close grip push ups

It is very helpful for pumping various muscles by changing the width of the grip during push-ups. As a boxer or fitness enthusiast, if you want all your muscles to be full of strength for optimal performance and energetic strength, then you must understand the narrow push-ups.

To perform this exercise, take a push-up position, place your hands parallel to your shoulders and start the exercise.

One thing that should be remembered is that your elbows must point to the back rather than to the side. This exercise is divided into three groups, and each group should be performed 10 to 20 times according to your physique.

Bonus Hack for Boxers

Girl is holding dumbbells to punch in the air to perform dumbbells punching

If you want to maximize your speed impact quickly and effectively, you can use solid balls and dumbbells.


It is simple and easy to do. Use a solid ball to do push-ups, and then hold a kilo of dumbbells in each hand. Now, use dumbbells to throw some blows into the air. Repeat this exercise alternately 3 to 4 times after push-ups for at least 30 seconds.

By doing this exercise, you will soon realize and feel the power of a professional boxer. This is the best way to gain explosive power used by some of the greatest boxers in history. Through this exercise, you can not only exercise strong boxing ability, but also use the winning streak to blind your opponent.

Final Thoughts

Boxing is a fighting sport that requires a lot of energy and strength. And ingenious combination and amazing speed to eliminate opponents in the ring. Boxers always practice specific physical exercises, using different types of punching bags and fitness equipment. They did not limit themselves, but constantly improved their muscle strength and striking techniques. However, strong muscles are the first priority to enter the fighting game and become a champion.

Therefore, if you are a boxer or novice and want to improve or enter this fighting game field, the above-mentioned types of boxer push-ups are not a limited means to become a professional in your game. Because the field of boxing and their practice range is very wide.

However, if you still want to excel in boxing, the possibilities of becoming a professional are endless, you only need real spirit and dedication.

You can also check out the following video about different variations in boxer push ups.

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