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Best free standing punching bag for boxing

Just a look and design of a standalone punch bag doesn’t give you the best performance for your boxing needs. It is the features and quality of a bag that can build your fighting confidence for the boxing ring. You need a punching bag that should give you complete company during your practice and training for the battle ahead.

Free standing punching bags are the best practice tools for boxing adopted by many gyms. Its compact structure and versatility provide hassle-free training for boxers. However, selecting a quality punching bag is still ignored by many, which becomes problematic later on.

If you are interested in benefiting from my experience and research. I have compiled the following best standalone punching bags after 5 hours of research taking into account all the aspects that a boxer needs most.

Century Bob XL: A Body Opponent Bag for Target Boxing  

century bob xl free standing punching bag for boxing
Century BOB XL Punching Bag

Century Bob XL is the best free standing punching bag for boxing, also known as a punching dummy. It is widely used by many professional boxers and martial artists in established gyms and training centers. The main features of the Bob punching bag for its fame are precise improvements in attacking, control and fighting skills.

Its humanistic design gives you the confidence to protect yourself from any aggression or attack from opponents in the game.

It a useful boxing tool for exercise at the gym, apartment, home, etc. Even if you’re just frustrated with someone, as an alternative, it’s great to slap, because its structure is in a really humanistic way.

Obviously by comparing to other similar punching bags, it is a bit pricey. However, one plus point is that it provides a one-year limited warranty for any irregularities during this period.


  • Good punching feel
  • Great humanistic shape
  • Easily Moveable
  • Easy to align
  • Stretchy and weather-friendly material
  • Nice to practice specific anatomical shots
  • Good for angle striking 
  • Good for martial arts, boxing, kickboxing


  • The filling base whole is small.
  • Often When filled with water instead of sand the plastic base slides on smooth surfaces.
Century bob xl user reviews
Century BOB XL Users Reviews

Everlast Free Standing Punching Bag for Adult Boxing

Everlast Free Standing Punching Bag for Boxing
Everlast Free Standing Punching Bag

This 67-inch Everlast free standing punching bag is designed for unisex adults and allows them to perform well in rhythm boxing and kickboxing. It is more conducive to tactical strikes than being used as a heavy bag for boxing practice.

Its structure is very flexible. You can feel the presence of a real opponent in front of you during the drill, so you can learn and improve your defensive moves.

It has a fairly small base that will not hinder your feet during exercise. The padding of the bag is made of high-quality foam, which can absorb many impacts and reduce noise.

With the up and down movement of the bag connected to the main center pole, different lengths can be obtained with an adjustable height of up to five feet seven inches. The total weight of the base becomes 130lbs when filled with water, but you can fill it with sand for added stability.

You will need a wider space so that you can easily turn about 60 degrees or more. In comparison with other punching bags, it is consisting various qualities. Mainly it is beneficial for practice, and is available at a low price.


  • Thick pads
  • Durable outer shell
  • Adjustable height
  • Reasonably small base
  • Reduce base movements and maximum impact absorption
  • Low cost


  • Nuts and bolts get loose after excessive use and required to be retightened.
Everlast free standing punching bag for boxing users reviews
Everlast free standing punching bag users reviews

Fitven Free Standing Punching Bag for Boxing and Heavy Workouts

FITVEN Freestanding Punching Bag for Boxing
Fitven Free Standing Punching Bag

If you have doubts about which punching bag to choose? Then FITVEN will be the best choice and easy selection. Because FITVEN has obtained the highest recommended position in our heavy bag research and testing. It is becoming an emerging brand in innovative and durable free standing punching bags. Its qualitative design and production are more and more favored by customers.

The FITVEN bag is primarily a unisex combat fitness tool for adults, but its compact structure is also suitable for teenagers and children (47-73”). From beginning to advanced intensive training, it can withstand your remarkable hits and absorb 360-degree impacts. The shock absorption system consists of double TPU shock absorbers and 04 springs to produce fast rebound effects.

The bag is composed of a buffer layer of environmentally friendly fabric, filled with high-density EPE foam, and multiple layers of high-quality leather. It is supported by a stainless-steel tube and has lasting value. The striking surface uses a layer of leather carefully selected and manufactured to provide tear resistance. You can hit/kick the ball as hard as you can, it won’t tilt like other bags or show impact marks.

To solve the most common user dissatisfaction factors, which I found in our research, is related to instability and slippage of the base during exercise. This FITVEN model is launched on the market as a pre-set solution by providing a stable floor suction cup base.

The base is always firmly fixed on the flat floor and smooth surface with 12 powerful suction cups. The 5mm thick ABS base has a load capacity of approximately 205lbs of sand/water, and its circular design provides great comfort for movement.

This bag can meet all your needs and requirements at a very affordable price as a substitute for heavy bags. In addition, including all qualities, it also provides a free pair of 12oz pre-designed anatomical gloves to provide you with professional protection. The gloves are made of 10mm thick foam, which can protect your hands from any impact and you can play with confidence.


  • Premium fitness tool
  • Can be used by adults, teens, and kids (43-73” tall)
  • Great shock absorbing system
  • Firm floor sucking base
  • Sturdy structure and fine design
  • Long-lasting quality materials


  • Filling with water is not quite suitable
Fitven free standing punching bag for boxing users reviews
Fitven fre standing punching bag users reviews

Xsport Pro Freestanding Punching Bag: Affordable Tool for Heavy Boxing Needs

Xsport Pro Free standing Punching Bag for Boxing
Xsport Pro Free standing Punching Bag

The design of this bag shows something similar to the standalone FITVEN style we discussed earlier, but is actually very different from a materials and performance standpoint. This unisex bag is very useful in-home gyms, indoor/outdoor venues and can fit very comfortably in small places. With this, you can improve the production of punching, boxing, taekwondo and aerobics.

The hitting surface of the bag is made of high-quality multi-layer materials from top to bottom. Xsport Pro uses a multi-layer structure to give you better force absorption and minimize the chance of wrist and hand injury.

This excellent boxing equipment is suitable for training in karate, jujitsu and ninjutsu, and other fighting sports. It is also a good stress reliever and strength training builder. Its incredible durability and comfort can bring a good rebound effect and can accompany you as a good partner.

With the help of double PVC shock absorbers and 4 springs, the heavy bag can achieve 360° shock absorption, high rebound and noise reduction. Therefore, less vibration reduces interference, allowing trainers to enjoy high-intensity strength training.

In order to maintain stability, the 5mm thick ABC base of this stand-alone bag is designed with 12 powerful suction cups, under which the smooth surface can be firmly fixed, providing strong grip and stability during heavy hits. The base fill capacity is 203 pounds, but up to 152 pounds is enough for average stability.

This bag is excellent value for money and also comes with a pair of Xsport Pro 12oz professional boxing gloves. These durable gloves are made of high quality synthetic leather and thick inner lining. The anti-sweat hole can reduce odor, and the double wrist design can ensure enough safety on the wrist.


  • Compact design
  • Shock power distribution system
  • Good sucking base for stability
  • Super quality material
  • Also useful for teens (4-6 ft tall)


  • For practicing without gloves is not good.

Not suitable for small kids.

Xport pro free standing punching bag for boxing users reviews
Xport Pro Free standing punching bag users reviews

Quick Summary

Obviously there are many types of punching bags for different workouts related to fitness and combat sports training but the above free standing bags are best rated and affordable. Because of its convenience, you can use these bags in your home gym, garage or apartment easily.

If you are still looking for some heavier and sturdier stuff that are mostly used by professionals for their boxing and muay thai trainings. You should definitely look at heavy punching bag reviews.

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