Best Free Standing Punching Bag for Beginners & Teenagers|Reviews

Best free standing punching bag for beginners and teenagers

Looking for the best free standing punching bag? The punching bag that withstands your hard blows and lasts for many years? The bags that meet your fitness and training needs with great convenience?

I have expertly researched following the best independent punching bags. These stand up bags are best for beginners and teens alike as they take into account all the necessary safety and essentials that a newbie may face.

Century Versys Fight Simulator

Century Versys Fight Simulator

The main reason for choosing this free standing punching bag for beginners its multi-functionality. Compared with standard punching bags, the super attractive design is made of materials that are more than 3 times stronger. The bag is one size from top to bottom and comes with a pre-filled sand base.

Century Versys Fight Simulator package is mainly designed for martial arts enthusiasts but for beginners it is a much safer choice. With its outstanding shape, you can significantly improve your practicing skill while free striking.

The pre-connected top and bottom robust handles are installed for multi-purpose exercises. By holding the handle of the bag, you can drag, hit your knees, raise your legs, sit-ups, improve resistance band exercises, and more.

You can simply use this well-designed one-size bag. It is not only suitable for adults to get the most advantage from it, but also useful for teenagers and kids of all ages. Without a solid foundation or hard materials like other bags, you can easily transport and use it in the gym, home, indoor/outdoor, or if the space is tight, you can use it in a small apartment.

Therefore, if you want to improve the ground and pounds of combos, improve your skills and technical training, or just want to stand out in aerobics, the Century Versys Fight Simulator can be your workout partner to achieve your fitness goals.


  • A great alternative to a partner training
  • One size for beginners and teenagers
  • More than 3x stronger
  • Good for timing improvement
  • Strong workout handles
  • Easily transportable 
  • Everywhere useable


  • Tumble with heavy kicks
century versys fight simulator users reviews
Century Versys Fight simulator Users Reviews

Note:- It is worth mentioning that this bag is neither a completely freestanding bag that can firmly endure your strong kicks, nor a heavy hanging bag, but something in between. Although it can serve you well and can stand upright against your punching without bending until you hit a very powerful kick and through.

Century Kicking Bag for Muay Thai and Beginners Workout

Century Kicking Bag – Best Free Standing Punching Bag For Muay Thai

The Century Uppercut beautiful tapered design makes it ideal for perfect angle kicks, and it is also very suitable for Taekwondo and Muay Thai beginners. It is very convenient and can be used in small places, apartments, gyms, and outdoor places.

The bag cushion is composed of a high-impact foam and high-quality vinyl, which provides great value and long-lasting results. The bag cover has a stable and improved target area. Through the use of high-quality materials, even after a heavy blow, the cover will not show any impact marks.

Its wrapping is more durable than ordinary bags and can be used continuously for a long time without tearing. Therefore, the surface of 20.5 inches in diameter and 26 inches in height can be easily used for long-life quick strikes.

Century Kicking Bag has 7 adjustable height options, suitable for all unisex beginners and teenagers 47 inches to 68 inches tall. Its round base is easy to reposition the bag by rolling and can be filled with approximately 270 pounds of water or sand. The base of 24 inches in diameter and 17 inches in height can provide good stability for hard hitters with pea gravel, water/sand.

In short to my best research, this bag has won high reviews from users of all ages in a short period, and has left its influence on the market. If you want to improve uppercuts, corner kick aerobics, or get intensive training results, then you can consider it without a single worry.


  • Perfect uppercut design
  • Colored target areas
  • Quality material
  • Strong Base
  • Adjustable height
  • Best for beginners & teenagers especially


  • Less stability when the base is filled with water
Century uppercut kicking bag user reviews
Century Uppercut Kicking Bag Users Reviews

Quick Summary

As a beginner if you want a punching that should be usable everywhere, easy to handle and cover your mistakes by providing more safety related options then Century Versys Fight Simulator would be a best choice for your workouts. Conversely, if you want a sturdy free standing bag for your punching and kickboxing workouts, then undoubtedly you can choose Century Kicking Bag.

Additionaly, read my review about best free standing punching bags for home that will definitly able you to find a clear difference.

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